We need professionals to help in many areas of life to lead our life peacefully. Those are the very important people that safeguard people’s lives by sacrificing their lives.

A user asked the forum, “Which professions do you have a lot of respect for?”. Here are the top responses.


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“Paramedics, who save lives on battlefields, allies or enemy, they don’t care.”


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“Caregivers… I always knew it was a hard job, but after becoming a caregiver for both of my grandparents, I have a whole new respect for them. Definitely one of the harder jobs out there.”


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“Public health and behavioral health workers! That stuff is not easy, and the pay is very little despite having to take on some heavy loans to get the graduate degree(s) required to do the work.

Yet, there they are. Just trying to make things a bit better. Day after day.”


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“Nurses. I don’t think most people know the work they have to put in staying current on technology and pharmacology to maintain licensure, and they have to be empathetic but also tough.

Takes a broad skill set, a good intellect, and the right disposition to do that job.”


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“As a dog owner, I really respect the waste management people whose job it is to empty those dog poop bins. If I see them, I always make sure to smile and say thank you for the job they do. It isn’t easy – especially on hotter days.”


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“Pretty much all scientists, lots of study, lots of tedious work, tons of annoying politics but super necessary for human advancement.”


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“Teachers! Especially for younger kids in the US, not only do you fear for your physical safety and the safety of your students, but kids can be mean little annoying sometimes, all while still trying to provide those same kids with the best education you can.”


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“Surgeons. Incredible the things they can do for people these days.”


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“Truckers. They keep the world moving. I love driving my car, but I’d hate to be stuck in a truck for long periods of time.”


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“Restaurant workers. True heroes! Very overlooked & underappreciated. Most hardworking trade there is.”


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“I’d also add wildland firefighters. Tbh, they see more fires than structural guys. Nobody knows about the job unless there are massive fires like the ones in Canada right now. Since these are now affecting the bigger cities.”


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“Plumbers and electricians. Hard nasty, and dangerous work that if we didn’t have them, we would be screwed.”


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“Construction workers. They spend more time in the sun in one year than I likely will in 70. Hope they’re wearing sunscreen.”


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“Librarians. Having to put up with Klan Karens that want to ban books.”


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“I believe that farmers who raise and love animals are so very selfless and deserve the utmost respect. No matter how hot, cold, or icy it may be outside, these folks are out there daily to ensure we have enough to eat. God Bless them all.”


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“Mental health professionals. Micro-dosing on people’s pain and trauma all day long, day after day — and just trying to help.”

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