America is the most influential country that most people aspire to live in. But how do people living in America feel about being American? A user asked the forum, “What does it feel like to be an American?”. Here are the top responses.


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“You know, it took me most of my life to become one. I remember dreaming it all up as a kid from poor Eastern Europe.

It’s quite overwhelming, though. You get a lot of heritage. Suddenly all the big things are yours. You have L.A.; you have N.Y.; you have NASA and the military.

Then you get the baggage, the drug epidemic, the haters at home and abroad, Trump, the racism, and all that.

I’m kinda sucker for the cool aid, and I can tell you, I’m drinking it all. This country, my country, is definitely not without its challenges. But we are aware, and we are working on it.

I’m proud and thankful to call this place home. Looking at my kid growing up in picturesque suburban life is amazing; it makes me feel so accomplished and that’s about the main thing.

It feels like my family is in a much better place.”


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“Feels good. It’s 75 degrees, sunny, and I saw a goldfinch on my bird feeder this morning. How does it feel to be you, O.P.?.”


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“Idk how to answer that other than to say that I’m extremely grateful to be an American. We have access to so much more than humanity has ever had access to. Things could have been so much worse just having been born in so many other places.”


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“I feel lucky. The U.S. has its flaws; I will never argue that, but considering places I could have ended up?”


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“It’s worth noting that America is an extremely diverse place by most people’s standards, both culturally and economically, so there is a very wide birth of experiences with regards to what it means to be an American.

That said, for what it’s worth, on a daily basis, I’m aware of how lucky I was to be born here. Anytime I’m tempted to gripe, I remind myself that I’m probably top 2% of the world in terms of economic stability and quality of life, and I’m definitely grateful for that.”


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“Each morning, I rise up and salute the flag opposite my bed. I take a swig of freedom juice and get ready for another day of instilling democracy in another nation.”


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“I’m poor, so it feels really super scary sometimes for me.”


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“It feels awesome. We’re the most influential country in the world.”


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“It feels great, especially when you are holding the United States passport and traveling around the world.”


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“I feel lucky and thankful. Sure, we have our issues, every nation does, but we don’t need to worry about countries invading us because we’ll vaporize them. The entire nation has so many beautiful and picturesque places and many different regions. Mountains, swamps, deserts, valleys, and everything in between. That’s why statistically, a lot of Americans choose to go on vacation inside America rather than going to other nations for vacations.

We have the resources to be resource independent if we want, and as we innovate, we become better. There are some things we’re behind in compared to Europe, but I know one day we’ll get there. The freedoms we have to feel normal, but only by reading geopolitics do I realize how lucky I am. The freedom of speech and the freedom of assembly (freedom to protest, basically) for two examples. This country is filled with and built by immigrants, so depending where you live, you get to interact with other cultures and learn about them.”


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“It feels horribly hot and humid, especially because I don’t have ac, but outside of the summer, it’s pretty nice, although sometimes I get a pain in my chest that only stops once a fully formed bald eagle bursts out of me.”


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“Traditionally and normally, I’ve been extremely proud to be American. I’m a granddaughter of Irish immigrants, and I appreciate the sacrifice they made to make a better life for their descendants.

On occasion, I’m embarrassed and ashamed of what my government does, but I appreciate the rights and opportunities that I am afforded.”


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“I live in the Great Smoky Mountains. It’s a temperate rain forest. It’s the most ecologically diverse temperature region in the world. I’m just grateful to be surrounded by such a beautiful environment. There are many others across this country, and I couldn’t imagine not getting to enjoy them.”


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“Frustrating. The knowledge that we’re incredibly blessed as a country, but also a complete dumpster fire, can be kind of hard to reconcile in your brain.”


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“Free…unmitigated freedom to become rich or poor, gay or straight, political or independent, fat or skinny, involved or reclusive, armed or unarmed, happy or sad, buy or rent, single or committed, quiet or loud, patriotic or not, and any other choice you want or want not.”

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