More than Television shows, their introduction songs have a special place in our hearts. They stay evergreen and bring a nostalgic feeling. 

A user asked the forum, “What is the only Television show introduction you won’t skip?” Here are the top responses.


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“Community. Such a great song.”


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“True Detective Season 1. From the dusty mesa.”


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“Futurama. The episode with the full breakbeat version takes it to 11, too.”


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“The Owl House. I hate both shows’ trend of doing a truncated opening sequence toward the end of their runs, though.”


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“Bojack horseman. I scrolled too far to find this one. The theme song and idea of Bojack moving through the day was fantastic.”


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“The Expanse introduction is lovely for exercising a sound system.”


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“Cheers. Easily one of the top-tier Television theme songs. Absolute madness.”


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“DuckTales! Every day, they’re out there making Duck Tales!”


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“‘What We Do in the Shadows’ by 1960s folk singer Norma Tanega. She was bashing the commercialism of the folk music scene.”


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“Peacemaker opening rules. The song is excellent, and the dancing is hilarious. One of the best introductions I’ve seen.”


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“Bluey! My daughter always sings along with it. When she sings ‘dad,’ I always say, ‘What kiddo?'”


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“Good Omens. The introduction is a work of art on its own.”


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“There’s 104 days of summer vacation.”


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“Gravity Falls is a banger. The Ending was so good.”


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“Round the Twist. 90s kids Television show with one of the best theme tunes ever.”

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