Some jobs are easy to do and pay great money. Most people dream of acquiring these kinds of jobs.

A user asked the forum, “What job isn’t hard and pays great money?” Here are the top responses. 


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“I know many people in the technology industry who never really complain about their work and make decent money.”


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“I enjoyed being a programmer, and it paid great. I have a Computer Science degree and specialized in ‘systems programming,’ compilers, device drivers, and operating system internals. 

It is a bit of a niche specialization, so you don’t face competition from the ‘code camp’ masses and salary depression (supply and demand). After ten years of systems programming, I had many other high-paying opportunities: program manager, technical writer, technical partner manager, etc.”


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“If you book them frequently enough, acting in television commercials is an effortless way to make a lot of money.”


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“I work as a system administrator for a specialized program, and I like it. I only interact with important stakeholders, not lower-level ones. I’m generally respected for my expertise because I’m considered a subject-matter expert, and I’ve had pretty good bosses. A lot of it is the company culture and how supported you are by your manager.”


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“Teaching the super-rich, very rare to obtain this opportunity, but it’s very relaxing.”


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“I love my job. I’m not an admin, but my work is administrative. I work for a national laboratory and work from home. I work a 4/10 schedule, so I get three-day weekends every week and make six figures. My group and my boss appreciate me. I am fortunate.”


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“I work as a business analyst and, before this, an operations manager for a good-sized bank. Job is laid back, they preach work-life balance, and I earn more now than I ever thought I would.”


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“I’m a pilot; it’s my dream job, and I even fly for fun when I’m not flying for work. It’s a way more attainable career than most people think. I’ve been flying professionally for eight years. I’ve flown for commercial airlines and now fly a private jet. I love it.”


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“I don’t know why, but I love painting houses. I make decent money for a labor job, and I feel fulfilled. Something about making people happy that keeps me going.”


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“I am a regulatory compliance attorney with seven years of experience. I make $200k-250k by working from home and don’t do any long or difficult work. 

Other attorneys pulling in $300k, 400k, and more would certainly consider this a sad salary, so I guess it’s all relative. But it’s a high-demand career that affords me the ‘soft’ life I always wanted; I am not a hustler.”


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“I took mechanical engineering and have had a great career in project management. It has its moments, but I enjoy it. Not as much as not working, but it’s still good.”


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“Canadian Army Physician, $34k a month.”


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“I’m an underwriter in the insurance industry, specifically property & casualty in the non-standard market. I get to see something different and weird every day. The pay is excellent, and the company I work for is astounding.

It comes with its stressors and annoyances like any other job, but they’re minimal compared to most other gigs. Some people might hate it, but I love it.”


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“I worked in computer cybersecurity and retired early because all went well. It was a great job. It was and still is a field with high demand, and when I started, nobody I worked for felt they knew more than me, so I did not have people breathing down my neck. It still pays very well.”


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“Quality control, just walk around with a clipboard and watch other people work.”

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