Some jobs offer high salaries with relatively low workloads. It would be fascinating to learn more about these positions and their potential earnings. A user asked the forum, “What are useless jobs that pay a lot?”. Let’s look at the top responses.


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“Mine. IT strategist. I explain to executives that many of their current problems result from not listening to my previous advice. Then, I give them fresh new advice that they will ignore. Rinse and repeat.”


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“Real Estate Agents. Especially for multi-million dollar homes. A lawyer can write up the contract and have both people sign it, and you won’t pay 3-6% for it.”


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“Influencers. Not just useless but harmful as well.

Especially the ones that do those Shein hauls. They are supporting and talking up a shady company. The worst part is that all the stuff they bought went right into the garbage after the video.”


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“Car dealerships. They’re basically an artificial choke point between you and the company that actually makes the product you want.

God knows Elon Musk is “problematic” in a lot of ways, but I fully support his vision to make direct-to-customer sales the industry standard.”


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One says, “I’m a senior project manager for the largest renewables company in the USA, and I have to tell you, I do maybe ten real work hours a week.

I hate my job and the people I work with, but I got handcuffs for three years (paid for me to move to SF and a monster signing bonus)

I make less than 200 and more than 150 and have pretty much zero responsibility for anything that goes wrong or well. Directors take the fall at a company of this size.”

Another user says, “This has been my experience as a project manager as well. The pay is decent. However, my only real work is leading weekly meetings and sending the minutes. So yeah, ten real work hours over a week.”


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“Manager. I feel like I’m getting paid too much for what I do. My team members work a lot harder and get paid less.”


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“Stockbroker/ hedge fund manager. Almost no one has ever outpaced a diversified broad-spectrum index fund consistently over a period of time longer than ten years.

Check out the book A Random Walk Down Wall Street; it gets into how unlikely it is that a managed fund would be worth the fees/commissions of the brokers.”


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“I’ve been scrolling for a while, and there are lots of good answers here, but I have to say CEO. Every experience I have with them makes me convinced that companies function in spite of CEOs, not because of them.”


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One says, “Landlord. Depending on if you own half the neighborhood.”

Another user says, “Once you realize how much work/risk and how frustrating owning a house can be, yeah.

Just dropped 15k on a combination air conditioner/furnace, in addition to paying regular condo fees, mortgage, taxes, etc. It will take two years rental to pay it off, assuming no other appliances break.

These are major expenses my tenants are largely unaware of. Landlords are paid partly to assume risk and maintenance of a standard agreed to in a contract.

Obviously, there are bad landlords who paint over light switches and would rather rent a place without AC than fix it, but there are also a lot of bad tenants.

Seems like so long as your place isn’t a dump, you don’t overcharge, vett tenants properly, and you maintain a cordial relationship, it works out.

You pay landlords for the same reason people pay condo fees to property management.”


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“Administratove assistant. I did that during the pandemic since my usual job laid me off for all work sites shutting down. I was busy for all of 2 hours of an 8-hour day. Spent the rest of the day browsing the internet and shopping online. Lol.”


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“Diversity vice-president at university. It is a useless position for a problem that could be easily solved if universities wanted to do it.

Do you know why Universities in Europe (not including the UK) are quite diverse? There is nothing subjective about choosing the applicants. Most countries have national exams for core subjects, and with these results, plus their high school grades, everything gets inserted into a formula, and you get ranked at the national level.

Universities have a number of vacancies per degree, and applicants rank their choices. An algorithm distributes the students based on the national ranking and the order of their choices. The result is a naturally diverse university system.”


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“Community Manager or anyone who is solely there to bring a ‘Google-like vibe to a workplace.

Ick. Fake and forced in 95% of instances.If you’re actually there for well being, etc., cool.”


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“Parking enforcement officer. In my city, they make 80k a year!”


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“70% of tech jobs are useless and pay a lot, although the industries are bleeding atm, so maybe less true as time goes on.”


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“Bankers and traders. “We make money by moving around and gambling with other people’s money. When we mess up and lose it all, the government gives us even more of other people’s money!”

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