Men, do you think there’s something you face that a woman can never comprehend or understand? Would you like to spill the beans today?

A netizen recently asked, “What is a difficulty or struggle that men face that a woman wouldn’t understand?”. Have a look at the responses below!

Being Viewed As A Perp Or Potential Perp

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“I don’t know if this counts but being viewed or at least the fear of being viewed as a perp or potential perp.

I can give you a first-hand anecdote of this. I was once in a crowded shopping mall where a little girl had lost contact with her dad and was calling for him.

I so wanted to grab her hand and find him for her but was so scared of what might happen once I did find him, what if he gets the wrong idea.

I guess with such a crowd, it would be unlikely for some sicko to abduct her but it’s not out of the realm of possibility.

It was only for about 10 seconds but I was so worried and not able to help due to my fear of being mistaken for a predator.

I feel like a woman would never have this problem.”

Men Are Not Always Turned On

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“Women may think we are turned on but not every single time is it visible, it is because of an intimacy-based initiative. It does happen at random also sometimes.”

The Unreasonable Dynamic In Dating

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“As far as dating goes, I feel there’s an unreasonable dynamic. Women are always the prize.

They’re the ones that need to be wooed and impressed. I want to feel like someone really wants to woo me.

I want to be asked out and have my dinner bought too! I deserve to feel like a prize just as much as anyone else.”

Being Shy Or Introverted Automatically Makes You An Idiot

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“If you are shy or introverted you are considered an idiot.”

Not Having Anyone To Share Your Feelings Is Sick

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“Having no one to talk about feelings is honestly one of the saddest things about a man’s life.”

Very Few People Actually Care About A Man’s Well-Being

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“Very few people actually care about our well-being. Bill Burr once said it best: ‘Your problems don’t get fixed, but at least you get taken seriously.’

Men don’t even have that. A lot of people actually lose respect if we open up to them and this is for men and women, btw.

Before anyone goes ‘toxic masculinity.’ In fact, in my experience women are far worse at it in regard to the whole ‘having to fit the ideas of masculinity’ nonsense.”

We Are Seen As Nothing But A Resource

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“Being loved conditionally under the premise you provide and protect. However everyone has their limits and when a man gets on his own limit and starts to break down, he is usually seen as weak and pathetic, not manly enough.

You are expected to show no emotions in some situations and when you do, it’s apparently a sign of weakness, yet at the same time, men are then seen as emotionally unavailable. We are seen as nothing but a resource.”

We Never Receive Compliments

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“Always being the compliment giver and never being the compliment receiver.”

Men Are Considered The Disposable Gender

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“The fact that men are considered the disposable gender. We are more likely to die in wars, work the most dangerous jobs, be expected to defend women from dangers, etc.”

The Baseline Societal Assumption That Men Need To Prove Themselves All The Time

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“The baseline societal assumption that if a woman says a man did something then it’s the man’s burden of proof to show that he did not do whatever he is accused of no matter how spurious the claim may be.”

Men Are Taught That Their Worth Depends Upon Their Utility

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“Women are taught that their worth is inherent and of course, that’s true. But men are taught that their worth is inextricably tied to their utility.”

Urinal Chess

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“Urinal chess. The strategic game of always maintaining a distance of at least one urinal from the next guy.”

Having To Deal With The Repercussions Of Calling Out Brash Generalizations Of All Men

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“Can’t reply to someone calling all men pigs without being accused of just being part of the problem. Because I guess calling out unfair generalizations makes me a problem.”

Men Are Judged Harshly By Everyone About Their Careers

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“Most men come to realize by the age of 12 that we will be judged harshly by everyone (including our own family and even children) about our careers.

If we don’t make enough money to provide well for our family then chances are that nobody else is going to support us.

I remember a lot of my very intelligent women friends in college majoring in things like art because they didn’t feel pressure to make a lot of money. Meanwhile, the guys were all doing engineering/finance/pre-med/etc because they knew they needed to actually make money.”

Talking About Mental Health Is Utterly Hard For Men

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“How utterly hard it is to talk about mental health not just externally but internally.”

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