When people of different countries interact, they may find each other’s culture and habits different. This can be due to variations in language, religion, customs, traditions, values, and social norms, which can influence behavior and communication patterns.

A user asked, what’s the hardest thing for you to comprehend about the American culture? and here are some interesting observations:

1. Debt

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A user says, “how casual debt is. how easy it is to take loans and credit cards out in other people’s names without their knowledge”

2. Lack of Vacation Time

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“Having 2 weeks of vacation or no PTO for most. In my current country, you have to take 2 weeks of mandatory leave in a row. Including public holidays I get about 7 weeks of vacation a year.” said one.

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3. Divide

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“Canadian here on spring break in Florida. I can’t get over the baseline… I don’t know how to say it – baseline education level. There are intelligent people, but there are also entirely uneducated people. Like, the divide is massive.” says one.

4. College Fraternities

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User says “Some colleges in America are known as “party schools.” There is an element of truth in those American Pie movies about college parties. Drunk people, lots of dudes, loud parties, and it is hard to tell if someone slipped something in a drink.”

“I am an American, and i don’t get college fraternities or sororities either.” added another.

5. School Mascots

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“School mascots. Where I live, we have teams and play matches against people. In America, it’s all like, “GO EASTTOWN EAGLES!!! OOGACHACKA!”

Some person in a cheapo eagle suit would be spinning a basketball on his fingers or something. You would have a full dramatic cheerleader dance-off before your match; we just shake hands and stare at each other.” said one.

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6. Entree

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In America ‘Entrée’ means the main course which is weird.

7. Love For Politicians

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“Many people follow and worship politicians like they’re gods – flags and all that. In the UK, it’s universally acknowledged that we hate all politicians equally.” shared one.

8. Tipping Culture

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“Having to tip almost everywhere. It makes sense in some places, but we have to tip at the most random places these days.” said one.

9. Healthcare System

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“Your healthcare system is so complicated and expensive. And people going bankrupt because they get sick; what stupidity is this?” shared one.

10. Not Including Tax

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“Why they don’t include tax in the total price of something. Just include it and make life easier. I don’t want to have to do maths every time I go there and buy something.” said another

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11. Exclusion of Dental

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“How dental and eye care aren’t included in “health” insurance” said one.

12. Giant Gaps In Bathroom Door

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“Bathroom stall doors. Why is there such a giant gap? No one wants to see someone taking a dump. No one wants to be watched taking a dump. Who is this for?” said one

13. Wearing Shoes At Home

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This one was particularly weird for many!

14. Weird About Water

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“Water. Why are Americans so weird about water? I’ve lived here for 20+ years, and it still makes no sense. So many people will drink Coke or juice or Gatorade all day. And if they drink water, it must be ice cold or flavored with mio or something.

Like, just drink the freaking water. People say, “Oh, I don’t like water.” What do you mean?! Do you also not like breathing air? Do you breathe in febreeze all day?” shared one.

15. Anti-intellectualism

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“Anti-intellectualism. I live here, and the amount of people that are like, “I’m dumb as anything, and I’m proud,” is just bewildering and depressing.” said one.

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16. Red cups

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“Those red cups you guys seem to drink out of at every party or outdoor event” shared one.

17. Sugar

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“Sugar. Everywhere. I hate it” one shared. 

18. Guns

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“Gun “culture” and the tragic results it continually produces are absolutely insane.
Have to be 21 before they can legally buy alcohol. But they can buy an AR-15 rifle at the age of 18.” said one

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19. Kicking Out Teens

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“Kicking their own kids out at 18 and wanting them to be independent” said one.

20. Lack of Public Transport

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“Walkable cities and lack of public transportation. The entire country (except NYC) is built for cars and not pedestrians.” said one.

21. Ambulance Cost

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“People not calling an ambulance because they can’t afford it” said a user

22. Pharma Advertisements

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A user shared “I am an American, and I can’t comprehend why pharmaceutical companies are allowed to advertise. Shouldn’t a person’s medical provider choose the appropriate medications based on best use rather than patients being brainwashed by advertising?”

23. Driving Everywhere

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“Driving everywhere, even if it’s a very short walkable distance. And the need to make everything unnecessarily big (cars, houses, etc.).” said a user

24. Obesity

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A user shared “Tons of overweight people. I am between five eight and five ten (really not sure) and weigh 170 pounds (this I know for a fact). Many people tell me I’m a “skinny” guy, but it’s like, really?

The average person here is overweight or obese. It’s not so much that I don’t eat enough; other people just overeat. It distorts their mind and makes them think it’s normal to have a gut.”

25. Obsession With Race

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“It might be controversial, but race is. Everything revolves around what race someone is, and that’s wild. Other places categorize people by where they’re originally from, and even then, it plays a small role.” said a user

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