Many people believe in myths and misconceptions that can have a negative impact on their decisions and actions. This article will explore common lies that people should stop believing in order to live a more informed and realistic life.

1. Next Tax Bracket Raises Tax On All Income

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Getting a raise that puts you into the next tax bracket does not mean all your income is taxed at the higher rate, only the small piece over the threshold.” said one.

“My MIL doesn’t want a pay rise because of this, even though she accepts she only gets taxed higher on the excess amount. She doesn’t want to pay more tax, despite having more in her pocket.” another added.

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2. Reporting Someone Missing Has a 24-Hour Waiting Rule.

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“You do not have to wait 24 hours to report someone as missing.” said one. “Yes. Those first hours are the most critical in the search for a missing person.” another said.

“Call the local PD; escalate it if they refuse to do anything. Call the sheriff, the state PD, the FBI.” a user added.

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3. Family Ties Means Forgiveness And Forgetting

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The myth suggests that being related to someone, especially parents, automatically means that all mistakes or wrongdoings should be pardoned. However, this is only sometimes the case.

“When you’re related to someone, particularly regarding parents, all things should not be forgiven and forgotten.” said one.

“My drug-addicted grandmother told my mom (who had cancer at the time) that she (my mom) should have died instead of my grandfather, all because my mom wouldn’t buy her more cigarettes. I don’t care that she is my only grandparent left; she is dead to me.” another added.

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4. Everyone Gets A Happy Ending

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The myth of everyone getting a happy ending suggests that all stories or situations will have a positive outcome. However, this is only sometimes the case in reality. Life can be unpredictable.

“Also, that life is fair. No amount of being nice, being good/humane, following the rules, etc., will guarantee that life will repay you in kind.” said one.

“You can do absolutely everything right and still lose.” another added. “It is possible to commit no mistakes and still lose. That is not a weakness, and that is life.” another said.


5. Only 1% Can Beat That One Mobile Game

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This myth suggests that a particular mobile game is almost impossible to beat, and only 1% of players can do it. However, success in a mobile game depends on various factors, including skill level and game difficulty.

“To be fair, the remaining 99% stopped playing after the third level because the game was trash.” a user said.

“Or because the game wasn’t as the ad showed it to be.” another said.

“Game may have been fine, but having to watch a 30-second ad followed by a 5-second title screen followed by a 10-second demo that finally lets you quit after each level is ridiculous.” another added.


6. Celebrity Endorsement Equals Product Quality

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The myth of celebrity endorsement suggests that a product’s quality is directly proportional to its popularity. However, this is only sometimes the case; endorsements can be paid or sponsored.

“Just because a popular celebrity or athlete endorses a product means it’s worth buying.” a Redditor said.

“I used to work for a company that had a celebrity spokesman. People often say, “Your company must be excellent because X endorses you!” And I always wanted to say do you realize that we pay him to endorse us.” said one.


7. Money Can Buy A Lot Of Happiness

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“If someone gave me 10 million dollars, it would solve 90% of my problems, and I would be happier.” said one. “Money can’t buy happiness, but it’s much more comfortable to cry in a limo than under a bridge.” another added.

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8. Practicing A Religion Makes You A Good Person

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The myth of religion automatically making someone a good person suggests that religious beliefs and practices equate to morality. However, being a good person involves more than just religious affiliation and includes personal values and actions.

“I hate the poor, and foreigners, and women, and half the country, and being decent to people, but since I go to church once a week, that means I’m a saint.” a user added.


9. Social Media Personas Are Relevant Or Important

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The myth of relevant or significant social media personas suggests that a person’s online persona is equivalent to their real-life identity. However, social media can distort reality and often only reflects the highlight reel of someone’s life.

“Likewise, just because a streamer goes on a rant about any topic, relevant or not, doesn’t mean they know what they’re talking about.” said one.

“People are so shocked when I don’t know who some popular celebrity is, and I don’t understand it. Keeping track of tens or hundreds of random people’s lives simply because they were in some random movie makes no sense to me.” another added.


10. I’m Just Big Boned

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This suggests that bone structure determines an individual’s weight. However, body weight is primarily influenced by lifestyle choices, such as diet and exercise, not bone size.

“That you are just ‘big boned.’ Pretty sure my bones are normal, and I’m just fat.” said one.

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