Safety is a big issue while traveling, especially for a single woman. A netizen recently asked, “What are good, safe solo-traveler places for single women?”.

The Original Poster (OP) adds, “I’m planning a trip to Copenhagen, but have also been to Montreal and Singapore since they were said to be super safe. Any other places you can suggest?”. 

Below are the top responses:


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“Taiwan ranks up there among the safest countries for solo travel for women.”


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“I’m going to Amsterdam next year on my own, and I’m a 34-year-old female! Having also been to Spain, France, and Italy this year, I’d say Spain was the safest I felt out of the 3.” 


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“I took my first solo trip in October. Iceland was phenomenal, and I never once had the heebie jeebie feeling as a solo female traveler.”


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“Japan is my favorite country for safety. It’s not 100% safe but about as good as it gets. I hear South Korea is also up there. I lived in Japan with my wife for 18 months when we were young. She never once felt unsafe.”


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“I spent our days in Reykjavik alone, and it was truly the most lovely vacation I have ever had. Go in the summer when it’s warm (still cool) and the days last for a long time.”


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“Switzerland for sure,” said one. 

“Seconded! I’m surprised it is so low in these comments, but maybe it’s because of how much it costs?” another added. 


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“London, Edinburgh, and anywhere in Ireland or Wales are safe destinations for women, especially if you speak English. The social cues are similar, and people are generally polite and friendly.” 


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“We just returned from Portugal, and I felt safe there. I would have no issues with my daughter (26) traveling there by herself.”


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“I felt safe in Munich, Germany. It gets sketchy near the train station (and that’s where my cheap hotel was), but I was just fine.”


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“Belize. Tons of solo women traveling here.” 


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Guiyang, China skyline at Jiaxiu Pavilion on the Nanming River.

“I found China to be extremely safe. People were super friendly and nice, too.”


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“Tokyo, Hong Kong, and Seoul for me; I always feel safer in big bustling cities where there are many people around at all hours.”


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“Riga in Latvia is lovely, and the people are so friendly.” 


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“Copenhagen is awesome and super safe. I think you would enjoy it, and if you go during summer, their harbor pools are fantastic!” 


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“I felt super safe in Bali!” 

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