It’s not uncommon to have specific favorites or passions that we hold onto tightly, even when it might seem irrational to others. There are some favorites that we cannot get rid of. 

A user asked the forum, “What is one thing you will never grow out of?”. Here are the top responses. 


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Don't know, sorry. Portrait of clueless uncertain confused curly-haired woman in urban style hoodie shrugging shoulders in questioning gesture, looking with indifference. indoor studio shot isolated
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“The oversized hoodie my mom got me.”


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“Cartoons/ animation shows and movies.”


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“Legos. I am in my 50s and still like to put together a build now and then.”


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“Stuffed animals. I’m in high school, and I have over 20+ stuffed animals in my room. I used to have more, but I got rid of them a while ago. Don’t worry, I’m not ashamed of having them. I think they are awesome.”


Child in a school library
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“Reading comics and graphic novels.”


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“Being positive and cheery! Because being positive and cheerful is the key to making everyone around you happy too.”


Model Released. Attractive Young Woman Eating Mixed Salad
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“Fruit snacks. I buy them for my kids’ lunchboxes, but I also buy myself some.”


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“Guitar. You can do so many things with it, especially the electric guitar. First, it sounds like a human voice, but when you add effects, you can make it sound like any instrument. Make it sound like a Sitar or Violin or anything. 

Check out Cathedral by Van Halen; he makes it sound like a violin. Other instruments may sound decent, but an electric piano synth with a guitar effect sounds very artificial. Observe it if you ever hear one.”


Young man with beard wearing business white shirt clueless and confused with open arms, no idea and doubtful face.
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“Watching pro wrestling. It’s uncommon in my peer group, but I caught that virus as a 13-year-old kid over 35 years ago and never lost it.”


woman eating too much food
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“Snack feast. Load a plate of snacks such as sweets, crisps, and the odd sandwich or two.

My grandma would often make them for my brothers and me when we visited her for the school holidays and would call it a 1000 and 1 piece. It’s like Christmas or a birthday party food being served as a meal.”


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“Swinging on the big swing sets. It makes my stomach tickle and flip, and I can laugh like I’m still ten years old. I do it even when I’m down. Instant mood lift. Soaring through the air.”


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“Running up the stairs. Don’t care how old I get; I will attempt to run up those stairs no matter what.”


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“Curiosity about the world, learning, and adapting continues indefinitely.”


Young boy eating cereal in living room smiling
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“Cereal. I love so many of them.”


19. watching movies couple
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“Watching Japanese anime or Animated movies in general.”


Amazed young woman in trendy outfit holding hands on cheeks and looking at camera against yellow background
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“Dinosaurs. Please, I want a brachiosaurus so bad.”


Family couple watching television projector at home on the sofa
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“My love for manga and classic films. I wake up early to read/or watch and stay in bed under the covers. Always makes me feel happy like it did when I was a little kid.”


looking angry, annoyed and frustrated screaming wtf or what’s wrong with you
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“Squirting whipped cream directly into my mouth.”


woman screaming1
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“Disney. I am 37 years old and spent most of my life going to Disneyland because I lived so close. I will never be ashamed of loving it!”


Woman Slicing A Loaf Of White Bread
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“Homemade tuna sandwich and watching cartoons on a Saturday morning.”


angry kid
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“Hot Wheels. I have 100s. Just bought the batmobile from the Flash movie a couple of weeks ago.”


I cant believe it. A handsome African-American man looking at the camera in disbelief with his hands on his head
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“Metal detecting. Yes, wearing black socks and shorts. Swinging the coil, soaking up the sun, digging bottle caps, pulling tabs, and the occasional treasure.”


Funny MODEL makes loser gesture mocking at someone sticks out tongue making grimace face.
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“Soap bubbles. I love doing the dishes and getting some bubbles in the air around me.”


man gym
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“Gym, football, or even inline skating. We have a small window of prime, so you bet I’ll carry those on for as long as possible!”


2. skateboard
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“Rollerblading. I’m in my 30s, and it still makes me feel like a giddy little kid.”


Young caucasian woman isolated over isolated background with surprise expression
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“Logging. My dad took me cutting logs before I was big enough or strong enough to swing an ax.

I grew, though. It never gets old.”


on a pink background young woman throw up his hand
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“Rocks. They’re cool, and I love giving them to people.”


You are ridiculous! Happy girl in blouse holding belly and pointing to camera while laughing out loud, taunting with hysterical laughter, mocking friend. studio shot isolated on green background
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“Making jokes. Even not very elaborate ones. Then laughing at them like a child.”


theme park
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“Water parks. They have been my absolute favorite thing to do for decades. I’m a 37-year-old male, and I routinely go in the summer. I have held season passes and will go multiple times per week. I usually go alone, which is a bummer, but life is too short not to do what you love.”

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