Some clone games are better than the original. A user asked the forum, “What’s a clone of a game that did everything better?” Here are the top responses. 


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“Angry Bird was essentially a reskin of Crush the Castle, an old flash game on Kongregate and others.”


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“Ms Pacman was an illegal romhack. It’s better than regular Pacman.”


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“Geometry Dash is a copy of The Impossible Game, which only had three levels despite its popularity back then.”


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“Call of Duty (COD) was a Medal of Honor (MOH) clone. It first came out in 2003, when the MOH series was pretty established, but it did many things better than MOH (specifically Allied Assault, which was still a good game). They were never able to topple COD, which just kept growing from strength to strength ever since.”


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“Not sure if it’s better than the original, but Stardew Valley is a spiritual successor to the original Harvest Moon games and is wildly more popular than any recent Harvest Moon game.”


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“Doom is such a good clone of Wolfenstein 3D that people called First Person Shooters’ Doom-Clones’ for years after Doom’s release, even though Wolfenstein coined many of the gameplay aspects of early First-person Shooter games. Doom was just that good and that accessible.”


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“Cities XL and Skylines are superior to the SimCity franchise, even though the most recent SimCity game is two years newer than XL.”


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“I always loved Rock Band and thought it was far superior to Guitar Hero. I didn’t hate Guitar Hero, but Rock Band perfected the format.

They all stole the formula from Frequency and Amplitude anyway, though.”


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“The first Saints Row was excellent. It didn’t try to be Grand Theft Auto (GTA); it did its own quirky thing, but no doubt, strip it away; it was a GTA clone. Less gritty, but quite fun and fabulous online modes.”


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“Crash Team Racing (CTR) over Mario Kart 64.

The crash had a better sense of speed, better drifting, better Artificial Intelligence (AI), less rubber banding, unlockable characters and tracks, and a single-player Adventure mode complete with alternate race styles and bosses, unlike anything Mario Kart has ever tried.

You can argue about the Mario Kart games that came later, and other than the remake, the other Crash Racers have been poor, but for the PS1/N64 generation, CTR blows Mario Kart 64 out of the water.”


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“Bomb Rush Cyberfunk for the Jet Set Radio games. Never thought I would see the day of a spiritual successor for the series that did pretty much everything better than the originals.”


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“Sleeping Dogs. It started as part of the True Crime series but went off and bettered it, so it’s a clone/sequel/relative. Either way, it was better than any of the True Crime games.


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“Forza Motorsport. It’s more interesting than Gran Turismo (GT) now, but it was Microsoft attempting to have GT on the Xbox.”


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“Need for Speed: Most Wanted/Rivals is greater than Burnout Paradise. Arguably related, though with many of the same developers.”


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“Shadow of Mordor evolved past the Assassin’s Creed formula into something far richer.”


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“Lands of Lore crushed the eye of the Beholder 3. Westwood Studios was the best before EA (Electronic Arts) got their hands on them.”

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