While many of us lead fulfilling lives, there are certain experiences that will remain forever out of reach for the average person.

These experiences, often reserved for a select few, offer a glimpse into a world of heightened emotions, extreme sensations, and profound challenges. Let’s embark on a journey through 17 such experiences and explore the extraordinary world they represent:


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Witnessing the Earth shrink beneath your feet, the vastness of space unveiling its celestial tapestry, and experiencing the weightlessness of floating free – these are sensations reserved for astronauts, a chosen few who breach the boundaries of our planet.

A user said, “I feel like my life would be complete if I could go to outer space.”


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Imagine the deafening roar of jet engines as you accelerate through the sound barrier, experiencing G-forces that push you against your seat. This adrenaline-pumping experience is a privilege reserved for fighter pilots, who push the boundaries of human flight.

A user said, “My childhood dream was to be an F-15 pilot. I wanted to take off, raise the gear, get some airspeed, and then go vertical with full burners.”


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The thrill of hearing your own creation played across the airwaves, knowing countless ears are listening, is a feeling reserved for musicians who have achieved a level of success most only dream of.

A user says, “I was driving to work one day, and a song that I recorded randomly played on the radio.”


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In war-torn regions or during medical emergencies, the metallic tang of blood fills the air, a stark reminder of human vulnerability and the fragility of life.

A user says, “The smell of someone bleeding out – unless you’re in the medical field or a serial killer. Blood in large quantities has an overwhelming, nauseating metallic smell.”


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The sudden shift from financial constraints to unimaginable wealth is a life-altering experience that only a few lucky lottery winners ever get to savor.

A user said, “The odds of winning the lottery are slim, so most people will never even come close. Even if you win, the money can come with many problems, such as family and friends asking for handouts.”


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Descending deep into the ocean’s depths, surrounded by the crushing pressure and the unknown, is a reality only experienced by submarine crews, who bravely navigate the darkness of the underwater world.

A user said, “I was going to say being violently compressed in a shady submarine, but that probably does happen occasionally.”


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Away from the cacophony of urban life, a profound silence descends, broken only by the whispers of wind and the chirping of birds. This transformative experience is a rare luxury in our modern world.

A user said, “Absolute silence in nature. Two years ago, I stopped to fix my glove on a mountain while skiing. Everyone else had gone down by the time I was done, and the total silence of everything hit. There was no wind or other voices, and I couldn’t see anything man-made because it was a near white-out. Just me, the snow, and the shapes of the trees.”


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In a crowded club, a random stranger sings along to your original song, creating a moment of unexpected connection and shared passion. This is a testament to the power of music to bridge the gap between individuals.

A user said, “A stranger coming to see you perform music and knowing the words to your song. It was wild waking up to this kind of response. Incredibly, so many people have experienced this from both sides of the fence. Thanks for the gold, stranger! I saw the notification and realized my coffee maker was overflowing, and I could not find it again to give a proper shout-out.”


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Imagine experiencing synesthesia, where sounds manifest as vivid colors, creating a unique and multisensory perception of the world. This rare neurological phenomenon offers a glimpse into a reality beyond our ordinary senses.

A user said, “The ability to see sound as different colors. Those people with that ability blow my mind, and I honestly don’t understand how they can function. I feel like it would drive me insane.”


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Surgeons, wielding their instruments with meticulous precision, navigate the intricate landscape of the human body. This demanding but life-saving role offers a unique perspective on the fragility and resilience of human life.

A user said, “When I was a kid, I went to a friend’s house for dinner. Her dad was a neurosurgeon. He was talking about an operation he did that day, and I remember being so horrified. I was sitting at a table with a guy who, a few hours before, cut the top off someone’s skull and fiddled with their brains! I’ll never forget that creepy feeling of realizing what doctors do.”


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Orchestrating the complex ballet of take-off and landing, overseeing the smooth operation of a massive aircraft, and carrying the responsibility of countless lives – these are the daily realities of pilots and flight crews, who navigate the skies with unwavering focus and skill.


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Away from the light pollution of cities, the night sky explodes in a breathtaking display of twinkling stars and celestial bodies. This experience, a reminder of the vastness and wonder of the universe, is becoming increasingly rare in our modern world.


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The freedom to wake up without an alarm, pursue personal passions, and travel the world without the constraints of work – this is the idyllic vision of retirement, a privilege reserved for those who have reached the end of their careers.

A user said, “I think my generation will work until we die.”


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For those living with chronic pain, the simple joy of moving freely and living without constant discomfort is an unimaginable luxury.

A user said, “If I’m interpreting “regular people” correctly, from my perspective – I see “regular people” as people who don’t have a chronic pain condition. The sensation that is a pain-free day or even a moment is like my whole body gets a vacation, a summer day, joy. Regular people take painlessness for granted.”


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Bathed in spotlights, surrounded by pulsating music and a sea of cheering faces, the feeling of performing live in front of a large audience is a dream realized by only a few musicians and entertainers.

A user said, “Standing on stage in a big club, raging with your band, and seeing a sea of people banging their heads to your music. Looking down at the people pushed against the stage and watching them lose it while you launch into your solo.”

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