While showering is a common daily routine, the optimal frequency varies significantly. Some individuals prioritize daily showers, while others prefer twice daily or even more frequent cleansing.

A user asked on the forum, “People who shower more than once a day, why do you do it?”

Here are some responses he got!


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In subtropical climates, people often shower twice a day due to the hot and humid conditions. Sweating is more common, making a morning shower refreshing and an evening one essential to feel clean before bed. This helps maintain personal hygiene and comfort in the warm climate.

A user says, “I live in a subtropical climate. The humidity can be rough.”


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In tropical climates, twice-daily showers help combat the heat and humidity. They wash away sweat, preventing discomfort and body odor. While not strictly necessary, many find it essential for hygiene and feeling refreshed in the warm environment.

A user says, “I live in a tropical climate (Singapore, where it is hot and humid year-round). I start sweating as I am drying off after a shower. Sometimes, I ask myself whether the drops on my back are a patch I missed or sweat.”


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Gym-goers often shower twice daily to combat sweat and odor after intense workouts. This helps with hygiene, prevents skin irritation, and keeps them feeling refreshed for other activities. While not always necessary, it’s a common practice for maintaining personal well-being.

A user says, “When I wake up for work when I get home from the gym.”


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Showering twice daily helps maintain good hygiene by removing sweat, dirt, and dead skin cells that accumulate throughout the day. This can prevent unpleasant body odor, skin irritation, and even infections. Additionally, showering in the morning can be an invigorating way to start the day and in the evening can promote relaxation and better sleep.

A user says, “The one in the morning is to wake me up. The one at night is more simplified but is to remove all the filth of the day before going to bed.”


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Showering twice daily can effectively combat unpleasant body odor by removing sweat, dirt, and bacteria that build up throughout the day. This not only keeps you feeling fresh and clean but also minimizes the risk of body odor, promoting confidence and social comfort.

A user says, “It is common here to do it, and I hate smelling bad.”


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Construction workers often warrant twice-daily showers due to the nature of their work. The strenuous physical activity and exposure to dust, dirt, and sweat necessitate a morning shower for hygiene and a post-work shower to remove accumulated grime and prevent skin irritation.

A user says, “I wake up early and work construction. I enjoy my mornings, and going to work with a quick rinse makes a difference when I get off work than my accurate shower, where I soap up!”


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People with oily skin may benefit from showering twice a day due to increased sebum production. Sebum is an oily substance that helps protect the skin, but excess can lead to a greasy appearance and clogged pores. Showering twice helps remove excess sebum and keep pores clean, which can prevent acne breakouts and promote a clearer complexion.

A user says,  “Skin gets oily, and I like clean sheets and clean skin to sleep.”


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Taking a shower twice a day can positively impact mental health in several ways. The warm water acts as a natural relaxant, reducing stress and anxiety. Additionally, the cleansing act can be symbolic of starting fresh and letting go of negative thoughts and emotions. Furthermore, feeling clean and refreshed can boost self-esteem and confidence, which can contribute to overall well-being.

A user says, “Because I have anxiety, depression, and 50 other mental health issues, it makes me feel safe and secure. There are days when I can not make myself shower and days when I’ll shower five times a day.”


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Taking a warm shower before bed can enhance sleep by triggering your body’s natural temperature regulation process. As your body temperature drops after the shower, it mimics the natural cooling associated with sleep onset, promoting relaxation and drowsiness. Additionally, the warm water can soothe muscles and ease tension, further preparing your body for restful sleep.

A user says, “I can’t sleep unless I take a shower. I’ve tried sleeping without showering but found it hard to sleep.”


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Twice-daily showers calm anxiety by activating your body’s relaxation system with warm water, offering a meditative distraction from worries and promoting better sleep, which is key for managing anxiety. However, if anxiety persists, seek professional help.

A user says, “It calms my anxiety. The water is good for anxiety. The cleanliness is too.”


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Twice-daily showers may combat depression by stimulating the production of mood-boosting endorphins through the cold water’s shock to the body. Additionally, the feeling of cleanliness and refreshed senses can enhance self-esteem and offer a sense of control, potentially alleviating depressive symptoms. However, remember that showering is not a standalone treatment for depression; seeking professional help is crucial for comprehensive care.

A user says,  “Shower feels like a warm embrace.”


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Biking 10 miles daily can necessitate two showers due to the physical exertion and sweat accumulation. The strenuous activity raises body temperature and triggers sweating, which requires cleansing to prevent body odor, discomfort, and potential skin irritation. A second shower after work can further remove accumulated sweat and dirt, promoting freshness and relaxation.

A user says,  “I bike 10 miles to work, shower there, then bike 10 miles back home. I’m sweaty AF, so I need another shower.”

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