Have you ever been fired? We’re all ears if you want to share your story today!

A netizen recently asked, “Why did you get fired?”.

Here are the top responses.

Manager Kept Losing My Class Schedule

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“My manager kept losing my class schedule.

I worked at a subway. I had class two days a week. Several times he put me on those days anyway. I gave him multiple copies every time. The owner took me off the schedule for ‘calling out too much’.

When I showed the proof to the owner, he said it was too late and they already hired someone else.

This was 12 years ago. I’m still mad.”

I Demanded A Raise For Working Overtime

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“I was denied a raise by HR after consistently working 60-70 hour weeks, and my VP (who had supported and requested the raise for me) told me to stop putting in the extra time, work my 40, and spend that extra time applying to new jobs.

Within a month, a meeting was called to ‘mutually part ways’ because my work wasn’t getting done.

I was gratified to learn that they had to hire two people to do my job after I left.”

I Got A Call That My Wife Had Been Rushed To The Hospital And Left To See Her

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“I got fired once for putting in my 2-week notice.

The only other time I’ve gotten fired was working for a trade company, during the first week. I was a supervisor, and there was a second supervisor on site.

I got a call that my wife had been rushed to the hospital, which was literally less than a mile away.

I asked the other supervisor if I could go to attend to her, and he said ‘Sure, no problem, I’ve got things here. Go.’

I returned to the job site later to find the boss there, and he let me go on the spot for leaving the team ‘without a supervisor’. He knew what had happened, and still fired me. I won’t lie, that one kind of annoyed me like crazy.”

Answered Back To My Manager

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“For doing my job too quickly and sitting down the rest of the time. Gas station cashier 3rd shift.

Me: ‘Why should I stand when I’m the only person in the store?’

Manager: ‘It’s more professional to stand than sit’

Me: ‘Then why do you sit in your office?’.”


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“I talked my way into a job at a software company when they put a hiring notice in a local paper. I had no idea what the software did. I still don’t. They hired me as a trainer and no one ever explained what the product was.

I did a few weeks where I was trained on the software but literally none of it ever made sense to me. It was like they were speaking gibberish. One day I showed up, and a lady I had never seen before gave me a check, and walked me out to the parking lot.

No one even ever said ‘You’re fired’ or anything. It’s one of the strangest things that ever happened to me.”

Refused To Come In Early Unpaid For My Shift

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“I refused to come in 15-20 mins early unpaid for my shift. I was always 5-10 min early but they decided they wanted me there earlier. I carried on as normal as I’m not coming in if I’m not being paid.

Turned up for a 12 pm shift at 11:49, and no one would look at me when I arrived then was thrown into a meeting and fired for being ‘late’. Was out the door before it even hit 12.

It was the only time I’ve ever been fired.”

My Wife Got Brain Cancer

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“I missed a lot of work because my wife got brain cancer. They called me in for a meeting and said ‘Sorry, we are downsizing and letting a lot of people go’.

They didn’t fire anyone else, including a co-worker who was caught fabricating reports.”

I Built A Snow Scorpion Sculpture At A Ski Resort

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“I built a snow scorpion sculpture (I used ketchup for the red glowing eyes and everything) on a particularly miserable day at a ski resort. The guests enjoyed my sculpture very much, but the management wasn’t so happy.”

Abusing Pandemic Policies While I Didn’t Even Test Positive For Covid

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” *They* sent *me* home because I sneezed and I was forced to get tested for Covid. Then when I tested negative, I was terminated for ‘Abusing pandemic policies to stay home’.”

My Position Was Given To The Manager’s New GF

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“I was a kid and just started at a local pizza place. I was let go a couple of weeks later because a pizza chef from Chicago had moved into the area and needed a job so it was a business decision that I totally understood.

A week later, went to go get my last check and asked how he was doing, the girl up front was like ‘Pizza chef from Chicago? The only new hire was the manager’s new GF’.”

I Started Sleeping At Work Because They Lowered My Pay

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“They lowered my pay so I started sleeping at work and doing only half the tasks they wanted me to do. Took them 3 years to fire me.”

Submitted My Time Sheets On Monday When The Deadline Was Saturday

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“I got fired for submitting my timesheets on Monday at 8 am when I got to work. By policy, they were to be in by noon on Saturday, but my Fridays ended in the field so I just did them on Monday mornings.

My bosses didn’t even look at them until noon on Tuesday so it had zero impact on them. I drove home from being fired feeling relieved because of how unhappy I was at that job.”

My ‘Crime’ Was Caught On CCTV

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“Worked in a DIY store, 10 minutes before my shift ended I moved a pallet cage of paint cans (slowly) to the warehouse and when I got in there, one of the sides came off along with half of the paint cans which split all over, anyway there was about 2 minutes of my shift left, so I moved the pallet over the paint, covering it a bit and went home. It was all caught on CCTV.”

Gave My Employee Meal To My Mother

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“I gave my employee meal to my mother. That’s literally it. I didn’t like eating the food there so I had my mom bring me lunch and I just gave my employee meal to her.

Apparently, that was considered theft so I was fired.”

Took A Sick Leave For Two Weeks

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“Was on the edge of a serious burnout and had a sick leave for two weeks. The day I returned, I got fired.

This all after I had pretty much given my all for 1.5 years working 10-14 hours every single day, working from home and not having a private life at all.

That’s how I learned that you should never give too much at a job. It’s just a job and they won’t thank you for anything at the end of the day…”

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