Some dog breeds will ruin your day because of their nature and behaviors. Consider this before owning a dog as your pet.

A user asked the forum, “What is the most irritating dog breed to own?” Here are the top responses. 


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“Belgian Malinois Pros: smart, protective, high energy. Cons: smart, protective, high energy.”


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“English Bulldog. Mine was like living with a bulimic alcoholic with narcolepsy whose hair was falling out all the time and who was allergic to himself. Great dogs, though.”


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“Huskies are not good house dogs. They suffer loneliness worse than others, have poor guarding skills, and if it runs away, it will keep running.”


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“Wolf Hybrids! They are beautiful but do not make a good pet. They battle with domestication and feral tendencies. It’s not fair or healthy for the breed.”


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“Shiba Inus. They are a brilliant breed but so painfully stubborn. They know what you want of them but will refuse to do it if they don’t think it’s worth it. There’s a reason why they’re not recommended for first-time dog owners.”


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“Beagles can be annoying. They’re adorable but bark nonstop, far more than most other breeds, and are difficult to train. Super hyper.”


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“Dalmatian. All dogs have a base stereotype for a reason. My Dalmatian is that reason. Stubborn as hell, nonstop hungry, whines constantly, only cares about food, food, and only food.”


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“German Short-haired Pointers are stupid, crazy, needy, pushy, and live forever.

Edited to add: no animal has ever farted, or ever will fart, as much as this big, stupid boy. But I do love the jerk.”


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“Pugs. I worked for a vet, and he said their eyes pop out after a few years; all the ones that make it to old age have the worst back problems he’d ever see. Some things are just never meant to have been born, he said.”


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“Dachshunds are yappy and stubborn and can be incredibly difficult to potty train. They require constant snuggles and direct sunlight. Best dogs ever.”


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“Corgi. They don’t shut up, the volume knob is stuck at 11, they’re stubborn, they’re bossy, and their brains only have two settings: Heard Things and Eat Food.”


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“Terriers are relentless. No off switch. Attention hogs. Incredible prey drive. Doesn’t matter what variety, be it Jack Russell, American Staffordshire, schnauzer, Airedale, they’re unmatched pains.”


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“My Vizsla is hands down the most irritating dog I have ever had. She is stressed about everything, can’t even calm down enough to let me pet her for more than 5 seconds, barks for everything, has serious resource-guarding issues, and bullies the Basset Hound. I don’t know if every member of the breed is like this, but I will never have another one.”


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“French bulldog. Mines constantly have medical issues, as most do. Allergic to the grass. Have to wipe their butts after every poo, and if you don’t enjoy it. Stubborn as hell.”


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“German Shepards, Huskies, Belgian Malinois. Those are my top three. If you are the kind of person who trains for 3 or 4 triathlons a year, those are the dogs for you. All these dogs are absolute crackheads that need to expend their energy somehow, or else they will find things to destroy or kill, like a smaller household pet.”

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