We have hope for many things in this world, but everything will not become a reality. We must accept this fact and move on in life. A user asked the forum, “What do many people hope will happen but is just not going to happen?”

 Here are some of the top responses!


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“There simply isn’t enough supply, and the higher interest rates aren’t tapering demand. Developers are more interested in building multi-use apartment cities than homes for single families.”


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“Wages will increase. Prices will decrease. Affordable property will become available. We will all have healthcare.”


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“That an AAA game release will allow millennials like me to recapture the euphoria from the Golden Era of the 90’s and early 00’s gaming. It’s gone, and it’s never coming back.”


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“Politicians doing what’s best for their constituents instead of what’s best for big business.”


“Have enough money to go through life the way you really want.”


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“COVID is going away, and life is going back to pre-2021.”


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“Humans doing interstellar travel.”


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“The delusional thinking that anarchy could happen and would be peaceful.”


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“Nobody from the government will come into your home and steal your guns.”


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“Getting rich by luck, lottery, or something that doesn’t involve risk-taking or actively changing habits.”


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“Capitalism collapsing. Its concept of collapsing is inherent to its continuous feedback loop.”


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“The cost of living being affordable again. It would be so nice. But then the billionaires would have to take a pay cut, which will never happen.”


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“Reining in climate change before we all cook our planet and die in a horrible, madMax-like dystopia.”


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“World peace. Humans are savage, and there will be no shortage of profiteers in high places looking to grind meat for cash.”


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“Many people in the United States want a complete ban on firearms, but thankfully, that will never happen.”

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