In pursuit of flexibility and more time with their families, many moms are seeking remote part-time work opportunities. A variety of fulfilling options are available, catering to diverse skills and interests.

A netizen recently asked, “What is a part-time job my mom can do remotely?”

OP says, “My mom works full time and she likes what she does, but she’s bored and she wants to do something else. She wants something she can do 1-2 nights a week or on Sundays, ideally from home. She can use a computer and she can translate between English and Persian.

Does anyone have any ideas? Is there some kind of gig work she can do from home whenever she has time? I don’t think she wants to do Uber/Instacart/etc.” 

We’ve compiled the best suggestions below!


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“WAHQueen has a website and email list with remote jobs. She sends it out every day.” 

Government Translator To Catch Criminals 

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“I watch those ‘To Catch a Smuggler’ shows. Often, the police at the airport will need to call a translator that has a relationship with the government so that arrested folks who can’t speak the local language can understand what’s going on. Perhaps that would interest your mom.”

Caption Website

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“Tell her to look into a website called Rev.

It’s a caption website. You listen to the audio while transcribing the audio that you are hearing.”

English Tutor

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“Teach English online. There are companies out there that give you training and you just gotta talk to people overseas so they can practice their English.” 


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“Try the website VirtualVocations. You do have to join their site to apply to listings but they vet all their job postings so they are legitimate and not commission-only type jobs.” 

Local Computer Jobs

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“My tip on this is…Look in your surrounding area for businesses, small ones.

A family member of mine was in a similar situation and they started reaching out to small businesses for any kind of help they could do from home, they landed a job helping them with what I can only describe as ‘computer things’ 

They would literally just do small ‘computer jobs’, it’s totally informal, and they get paid a few bobs an hour. For my family member, it’s easy, but for the businesses owner it was tedious and annoying. So there may be an opportunity like that somewhere!” 


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“Upwork…contract jobs for data entry is easy.”, said one. 

“There are translator jobs on Upwork, she could start there. There are also translator jobs in the legal field.”, another added. 


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“Check out Liveops. They hire at-home call center representatives for major companies. All their call center representatives are based in the U.S.”

Content Moderation

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“In the US, part and full-time paying moderation contracts: Apex Systems, Tech Mahindra, Genpact, Keyword Studios, TaskUs, Modsquad, Telus, Conectys, and 5ca”

Software Tester

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“My daughter tests software from home.  They provide her with all the equipment and she has a quota she has to hit and gets bonuses.”

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“ may be a good outlet, she can pet sit, babysit, an elderly person sit, or tutor. I love that site, I get all of my sitters there and they are fantastic!”

Service Job For A Doctor’s Office 

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“What about answering phones after hours for a doctor’s office? Maybe a doctor in your community so that the language is a plus. I think you’d look for answering service jobs.” 


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“Accountant…Recruiting is totally doable remotely. If she’s decent at Google searching, have her apply for a ‘sourcing’ or coordinator position with a reputable recruiting/staffing firm.” 

Translators For Medical Concerns 

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“RWS Life Sciences, TransPerfect, and other translation companies related to medical concerns – pays pretty well for English -> Farsi. Not a huge number of translators for Farsi so your mom may be able to qualify even if she doesn’t have a medical background.” 

Online Art Events 

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“Is your mum into particular hobbies.. arts and crafts? .. Perhaps something simple that she or you could sell at local community events or online.. won’t make a living… but the art and craft stuff would deal with the boredom.. (and can be done ‘whenever’)

But appreciate that if the end goal is to make additional pennies it might not be the best suggestion (cause of outlay cost for materials).” 


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“There’s a website called iTalki where people pay for conversation practice with native (or fluent) speakers of the language they’re learning.  You set your own schedule.

Most of the other suggestions in this thread don’t meet your mom’s criteria.  That is, you can’t just do them once a week and from home.  But with iTalki you could.” 

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