Some apps are super helpful when traveling and finding new routes. Have you ever used an app to travel? A user asked the forum, “What travel apps are you using today?”. Here are the top responses.


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“Rome2rio for traveling.”


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“TripIt to keep track of my itinerary (accommodations/activities/flights/train trips).”


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“Google Lens can be invaluable at translating things. Point your camera at something like a menu, and it will translate it into whatever your native language is.”


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“ for offline maps and navigation.” 


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“Grab and Gojek (Asian Uber).”


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“ for hotels/hostels/apartments. The map view is the best.”


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“Career hotelier. Always book directly with the app when booking a hotel or flight. You can earn loyalty points and be in line first for upgrades. With airlines, booking directly also means priority for rebooking.”


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“Rick Steve’s when traveling in major cities in Europe. I adore the walking and museum tours.”


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“ViaMichelin, for checking routes.”


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“Airalo for electronic sim cards (google some discount codes).”


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“Google Translate with downloaded languages. It got me out of some tight jams.”


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“Metro, the app. Load any city, and it gives you directions for subways/buses almost anywhere. I’m surprised this app isn’t more popular.”


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“Kiwix for an offline version of Wikivoyage.”


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“TravelSpend for keeping on budget.”


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“Polarsteps for being able to share where I am with my family.”


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“Chat GPT (Generative Pre-Trained Transformers) to get activities and attractions in the area where I am now.”


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“GetYourGuide. I found this the best so far for nearly every country and way better service and support than TripAdvisor and Viator.”

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