Have you ever come across something extremely, extremely awful? Like, something that makes you sick to the bottom of your core?

A netizen recently asked, “What’s awful, has been awful, and always will be awful?”. Have a look at people’s responses below!


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“100% agree with this. Almost died because of Dengue fever before.”


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“Agree 100%. My wife and I are 38, an 8 year old girl and a 5 year old boy. Her and I are both the definition of healthy.

She just got diagnosed with bladder cancer, if you’re in medicine you’ll know that is something that just doesn’t happen. First round of a very intense chemo yesterday.

Once chemo rounds are finished, she gets to have a robotic radical cystectomy. At 38.

I’m getting drunk on the back porch right now because there are moments when it’s all too much.”

Acting Like A Lonely Person

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“That acting like a lonely person sends social signals that make people even less likely to want to get to know you.”


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“It’s awful and always has been awful, I know that first hand, but there is hope that it won’t be as awful in the future.

They are making some really astonishing breakthroughs in treatments that they are planning on rolling out within the decade.”


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“I feel that. I’ve had medication resistant depression for most of my life. Some days even getting out of bed isn’t going to happen. Just do what you can, as you can.

As someone in the past said, remember depression lies. Depression can make you believe things about yourself that aren’t true, remember that when you get too down on yourself.”


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“Well according to my freshman year science teacher that’s technically not how vacuum cleaners work. They work by changing the air pressure around the bristles. As she said ‘science isn’t awful’.”


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“Bedbugs. Figuratively and literally!”, said one.

“Screw those little things to the depths of hell. My mother in law brought them home when she lived with us. At one point, I counted 32 bites on one arm alone.

Sleep was impossible because of the itching and I knew that sleeping would only result in more bites. Out of 4 people in the house, I was the only one with bites.”, another added.

Period Pains

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“Came looking for this. Bloody, painful and messy, deeply uncomfortable and stressful and disruptive. Mother Nature is some kind of misogynist.”

Packing Your Stuff Up And Moving

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“Packing your stuff up and moving,” said one.

“Yep. My family moved practically every few months growing up. I went to probably 20 something schools in those days and packing everything up and loading it was never fun.”, another added.

Having To Introduce Yourself Publicly

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“Having to introduce yourself to a large group of people, like in school where they would go around in a circle and make you say your name and one fun fact about you.”

40 Hour Work Week That’s Not Worth It

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“A 40 hour work week that can’t pay for basic needs.”

Voters Who See Authoritarians As Their Messiah

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“The millions of voters who see authoritarians as their messiah and who continually and historically usher in hate leading to atrocity. They are a blight on humanity.”

Evangelical Christians

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“Evangelical Christians who think they have the right to tell others how they should live.”

Reality TV

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“Reality television…because ironically there is no reality in reality TV.”

Working Retail

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“Working retail. There seems to be this myth that retail was this wonderland of good jobs before Walmart came along.

But retail is awful working for mom and pops and it’s awful working for Walmart.

Retail has always been awful.”

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