Toxic traits are negative personality characteristics that can hurt our relationships, work, and overall well-being.

A user asked the forum, “What is something you see as toxic but most people don’t?”. Let’s read the top comments from the forum.


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“Over-optimism. Encouraging you to ignore the red flags, saying it’s not so bad, you have to focus on the good parts, to compromise, to sacrifice, can’t give up so easily, nothing’s perfect, and you need to work for it.

Then you find yourself stuck in an awful toxic job, or relationship, or whatever, which you should have avoided in the first place.”


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“Gossip. Is reputation sabotage? Spreading false, misleading, negative, or private information about people, disparaging them. Super mean, I can’t do it, but it’s I feel like most people do.”


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“People who are “empaths.” So often they’re actually enablers.”


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“Driving edition: speeding, distracted driving, impaired driving, not wearing your seat belt, not using your signal, not dimming your headlights, not checking to see if your blind spot is clear, not coming to a complete stop at a stop sign, and cutting someone off (you would not have had time to gun it if you did come to a complete stop), riding someone’s ass because they’re going a safe speed and not Mach Jesus to pass a vehicle on the interstate, road rage.

I could go on. All super toxic and selfish.”


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“Social media. It’s mental heroin. Then everybody says they can quit at any time. That’s a lie.”


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“Noise pollution. I live in India, and I’d say it’s fair to state that most people here still don’t see it as toxic.”


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“Performing” for other people constantly, some people just do it as their existence.


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“I don’t know if there is a name for it, but discounting how someone feels by comparing to someone else. For instance, I have had painful arthritis in all my joints (including my ribs and spine).

There are days when walking is difficult, and it has been since I was in my 20’s. But my mother used to say, “Be thankful you CAN walk; look at so and so; she has no legs” or something along those lines. ”


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“Following and knowing every single detail of a celebrity’s life. It’s not healthy and really weird.”


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“Crowd pleasing. Needing to take pictures to post. Like just enjoy the moment. Please.

Also, being buried on the phone while with people. It’s very distasteful and takes away from your present to give people who aren’t around you your attention. I’m 26M, and I HATE this nonsense.”


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“Ego.. Self-confidence is healthy. Ego is not. Egos are made of glass and lead to some terrible behavior.”


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‘A hectic, “fast-paced” work environment. If everyone that works for a company is putting in 50+ hours a week, there’s something wrong with management.”


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“Indoctrinating your kids with religion.”


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“The whole “happy wife, happy life” thing. Men are afraid of displeasing their partners because they don’t want to deal with the fallout or the silent treatment or whatever, and people laugh about it like it isn’t toxic.”


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“Not telling anyone outside of the relationship about your relationship problems. I get this to an extent, but it’s also been the cause of a lot of backlash when people leave their seemingly “perfect” partners after years of abuse and red flags that no one in the support system has heard of.

This happened to my mom; she lost her community because she was embarrassed/covering up for my narcissistic dad.

Keeping horrible people around you to harm yourself and your children “because they’re family.”

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