It’s tricky to generalize about entire professions. People are diverse; you can find stellar and “messed-up” individuals in any field. What matters most is the individual and their choices rather than the job title. However, netizens think these careers can drive you batty.

Prison Guards

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Life as a prison guard (correctional officer) has nothing to do with the usual depiction in Hollywood. It’s messy, stressful, depressing, and makes one prone to workplace injuries. Being a prison guard is a demanding job that requires a unique set of skills and mental fortitude. It’s not just about physical strength or authority; it’s about dealing with difficult people in stressful situations, often with limited resources and support. 

A user says, “I worked with a couple of prison guards in the military and got weird vibes from all of them. I think it has to do with the weird power dynamic between them and hundreds of inmates.”

Emergency Medical Services

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Becoming an EMS clinician is no easy feat; it requires physical stamina, mental resilience, and dedication. They rarely deal with routine situations, and the things they face can be brutal.

A user says, “A career in EMS involves high stress, odd hours, and in most parts of the US, meager pay. There are many phenomenal medics whose lives are an absolute mess.”

Life Coaches

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When your job revolves around fixing other people’s lives and helping them manage ‘their’ stress levels, you cannot expect it to be a smooth ride. The career path as a life coach comes with its own set of emotional challenges and speed bumps. For example, coaches witness their clients’ deepest fears, pain, and vulnerabilities. This constant emotional absorption can be draining.

Film Industry

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The Film industry understandably seems to have many ego-maniacs and emotionally unavailable individuals. With 10+ hour days, lots of unforeseen overtime back to back for weeks, and random months of unemployment, all while gearing up for the next onslaught of work, can become a little too overwhelming at times.

A user explains, “You will always be traveling for the job in the middle of nowhere or stuck in a studio. Barely anyone here likes to take accountability and will quickly pass on the blame if they can. Plus, fast-paced, high-pressure environments, crazy amounts of money riding on projects, and lots of substance abuse and affairs (wrap parties especially) can take a toll on your mental health.”

Music Industry

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While there are too many talented artists vying for limited attention and opportunities, earning a living solely from music is challenging, often requiring multiple income streams. Even though tired at the end of the day, self-promotion, networking, and relentless effort are crucial for success. 

A user says, “Drug, alcohol and substance abuse, domestic violence, sociopathy and narcissistic abuse, bullying, gatekeeping, physical assault, etc., (especially at the local level in everyone’s local music scene) are an inseparable part of the music industry. Even the hipsters the musicians happen to date (and all their friends) are toxic.”


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Undoubtedly, this field attracts both the best and worst of humanity. As a politician, you have to juggle the needs of various groups with conflicting interests with many ethical dilemmas you have to pay attention to. Besides this, you are always under public scrutiny, work long hours, and deal with fickle public perception daily.

A user says, “This leaves the actual good politicians ignored, unsupported, and unrecognized for their good work. They usually don’t last long because why stay in a difficult field and people don’t care about how well you do your job?” says a user.

Professional Wrestling

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As a professional wrestler, you are always at risk of serious injuries. Not to mention the stress associated with maintaining physical strength and following an overly strict diet and muscle-building routine.

A user says, “I just watched the Hulk Hogan interview on Theo Von’s podcast, and it’s amazing how he’s still alive and 90% of his friends are dead.”

Advertising Agencies

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Being a part of advertising agencies, specifically senior-level ones, is synonymous with signing up for insane amounts of stress. The high volume of work, unrealistic expectations, and last-minute changes can get a lot more hectic than you think.

Pay Day Loan Companies’ Employees

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Those who work for payday loan companies have to endure a lot. After all, it’s difficult to find the most desperate people and charge them insane interests because they have nowhere to go to access the money they earned. 

A user says, “I don’t see any difference between them and loan sharks. You see payday loan spots all over, yet operating as a loan shark puts you in prison. The entire pay day loan industry should be made illegal; how it is not considered usury is beyond me,” says a user.

Funeral Services

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If you aren’t a psychopath who is looking to fleece bereaved families, you become a burnt-out shell of a human in no time flat. Funeral services is an industry that requires little to no formal education (depending on your location) and can be the most soul-draining field in which to work. You have to deal with deal bodies that can cause anxiety, it has no set timings, and you have to witness the pain of the families. 

“Long hours, poor work conditions, trauma, verbal and physical abuse from the public, mediocre pay, and the haunting imagery that comes from dealing with the dead. This industry has no mental health support and actively treats you like no one if you even mention the fact that you may require therapy,” says a user. 


8. sad upset teen boy
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Psychologists often deal with clients who are experiencing difficult emotions, such as trauma, grief, and depression. This can be emotionally draining, and psychologists need to be able to manage their own emotions to be effective therapists. Besides this, they have to deal with difficult patients, lack of recognition, continuing education, and ethical dilemmas on an everyday basis.

The Cosmetology Industry

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In the cosmetology industry, you may have to deal with some of the most insane, mean, and vile people. Besides that, cosmetologists spend most of their workday on their feet, leading to fatigue, back problems, and foot pain. If that isn’t enough, they have to be in awkward positions to do their jobs and are exposed continuously to many chemicals.

Management Consulting

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While management consulting often conjures images of high salaries, prestige, and intellectual stimulation, the reality is more nuanced. This demanding career comes with a unique set of challenges that can be both professionally and personally demanding. You have to deal with an intense workload, long hours, demanding clients, constant travel, pressure to perform and reach targets, limited creativity, burn out, politics, and much more.

A user says, “The profession entails a bunch of hyper-competitive and arrogant people who don’t give two hoots about anything except their interests.”


Indoors chicken farm, chicken feeding in factory.
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Slaughterhouse employees perform physically demanding tasks throughout their shifts, such as lifting heavy carcasses, operating machinery, and wielding sharp instruments. Besides that, they must be constantly in cold, wet, and slippery environments, with blood, animal waste, and hazardous chemicals with a high risk of accidents. Many also face emotional distress as they witness slaughter every day.

A user says, “I’ve met a heap through working on farms and they are not bothered by any type of gore, play with all the dead animals’ body parts, and love using the knives to saw off heads, etc.”


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Being a culinary professional is no joke. It is a physically demanding job, highly competitive, and mentally stressful. A user says, “Almost all men I know in it are separated from their children and partners because they don’t see them, underpaid, overworked, underloved. Plus, alcoholism and drugs are rife.”

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