We’ve all been there: scrolling through endless profiles, searching for that spark that ignites a connection. But sometimes, instead of a flame, you encounter a cringe-inducing cliché that leaves you hitting that left swipe faster than a speeding bullet. Here are a few things you find on women’s online dating bios:

Being A “Baddy” 

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Bragging about being a “baddy” might make you think the girl is high-maintenance or not interested in a genuine connection. Most guys may not know what to expect from someone who uses this label.

“They’d randomly say, ‘I’m a bad person.’ Like what am I supposed to do with that information,” says a user.

Asking For Men’s Social Security Number Check

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When a woman wants a guy’s social security number to chat on an online dating website, it raises many red flags. A social security number is personal information used for serious stuff like taxes and credit checks. Asking for it right off the bat feels suspicious and potentially dangerous. Plus, it seems like the woman is trying to control the situation too much before even getting to know the guy. It feels like an unnecessary barrier to entry, to be honest. 

“Years ago on Plenty of Fish, this woman wrote in her profile that she wanted men to send her their social security number so that she can run a background check before they chat,” says a user. 

Focusing On 666 Rule

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More often than not, girls who mention a magic number on their bios and are too specific with their expectations don’t stand a chance. Guys like to feel like they’re being liked for who they are, not just their height or bank account. Mentioning those things as requirements can make it seem like other qualities don’t matter.

“666 rule… 6 feet tall, 6+ inch thing, 6 figure salary…. She sounded fun,” says a user.

Claiming Her To Be “The Next Big Mistake”

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‘Let me be your next big mistake”. I’m not the one, but I promise you’ll still be thinking about me long after!’ Oh, you mean I’ll be suffering from PTSD after the trauma you put me through? Lovely,” says a user.

Well, firstly, it’s a bit of a downer. Nobody wants to jump into a relationship thinking it’s doomed to fail. It’s like starting a movie knowing the ending is a disaster. Dating is supposed to be about finding someone awesome, not your next epic screw-up. Secondly, it comes across as a bit attention-seeking. It can make it seem like the girl is not taking dating seriously or that she’s looking for someone to fix her.

The Instagram Redirect 

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Dating apps are meant for dating. If someone wants to chat on Instagram first, it might make guys question their seriousness about finding a relationship. Plus, seeing “message me on Instagram” leaves them wondering what she’s like and why she wants to chat elsewhere.

“I don’t get on here often, message me on Instagram,” says a user.

Searching For Submissives With Money

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The combo of “submissives” and “good credit” in a bio straight up throws red flags for you. It paints a picture of someone controlling and materialistic, which isn’t exactly the vibe most guys want in a partner. It can feel like a boss ordering you around, which is not a recipe for romance. 

“Looking for submissives with good credit,” says a user. 

The Self-Obsessed

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“Looking for a nice guy to treat me like a queen,” says a user. 

It’s a tired line that’s been tossed around online dating for years and can be an instant turn-off. Plus, it sets an unrealistic expectation that the guy has to be a perfect prince charming, and the woman is waiting to be treated like royalty. That, too, for no real reason! 

The ‘Deserving’ Conquest 

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‘If you can’t handle me at my worst, you don’t deserve me at my best.’ Look, I don’t want to have to handle anything when I come home. I want peace,”  says a user.

It implies the girl has a lot of “worsts.” No one wants to feel like they’re signing up for a rollercoaster of emotions. Everyone has bad days, but if you’re constantly at your “worst,” that’s a bit concerning. Not only does it come off as high maintenance and a bit entitled, but it also feels manipulative and dramatic. 

The Father’s Day Deal

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“Saw this on Tinder last month: So who wants to be a daddy next Father’s Day?’,”  says a user.

Let’s face it, the line is a bit cringe-worthy. It’s trying to be funny and edgy, but it falls flat for most guys. This line makes it seem like she expects a guy to be super invested in her very quickly, which can be unrealistic and intimidating. Also, it’s unclear if she’s just being romantic or wants a baby or something.  

The Dog Lover

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Some guys might worry that a woman “weirdly attracted” to dogs is looking for a substitute for a human partner. Or, they might think she’s one of those “dog moms” who prioritizes her pup over everything else. Either way, it may not come off as very appealing.

“In the ‘I’m weirdly attracted to’ prompt on a hinge, she wrote ‘Dogs’. I dropped the phone because I was laughing so hard,” says a user.

The Anti-Racism Pro Racist

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Hating all cops or all white people paints a huge group of people with the same brush. It doesn’t take into account individual differences or experiences. It’s like saying you hate all dogs because you once got bitten. Girls with such bios can be next-level hypocrites. In an attempt to come off as anti-racist, they end up projecting themselves as the biggest racists on the planet. The statement is bold and childish at the same time as well as suggests a lack of open-mindedness.

“I saw one whose bio was ‘I hate cops and white people’ followed by several knife emojis’,” says a user. 

The Narcissist

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“I just saw today, ‘I bet you can’t make me go out on a date with you’,” says a user.

It comes across as a challenge, not an invitation. Dating is supposed to be about finding someone you connect with, not trying to “win” a prize. This line makes it seem like the woman wants to be “conquered,” which can be off-putting and appear narcissistic for many guys.

Only Doctors Allowed

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When someone puts “doctors only” or perhaps any other profession as a constraint in their bio, it can make others wonder if they’re looking for love or a financial upgrade. It’s important to remember that relationships are built on genuine connection, not just career titles and salaries. Any sane guy would swipe left in such a case. 

“‘Don’t message me if you’re not a doctor.’ She was a receptionist at her father’s clinic,” says a user.

The Package Deal 

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“We’re a package deal”, says a user.

That statement is loaded with red flags. Any reasonable person who knows you’re a single parent will read that and go ‘duh’. It can also feel like a request, like you’re expected to accept the whole “package” or nothing at all. In most cases, women write it regarding their children. But mentioning it as the highlight of your personality can be a complete turn-off.

A Long Misandrist Speech

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“A long misandrist speech on how men are the worst,” says a user.

Nobody wants to jump into a relationship weighed down by negativity. Dating is supposed to be fun and exciting, and a bio filled with misandry just screams “drama.” Even if the bio isn’t directed at you personally, it can still feel like you’re being lumped in with all the other “bad” men. Nobody wants to feel judged before they’ve even had a chance to introduce themselves.

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