A user asked, what’s the most harmful thing most men do without realizing how harmful it is? While the question was specific to men, there is tonne of things that are applicable to all genders.

1. Believing Mainstream Portrayal Of Dating

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“Grow up believing the mainstream media portrayal of men and dating, which promoted two options:

  1. Be extroverted and great at sports, and any girl you ask out will say yes.
  2. Be introverted and nerdy. Someday the girl you secretly like but never tell will notice you and ask you out instead.
  3. In popular media, if you like a girl, pursue her relentlessly until she gives in and dates you.”

“Another thing that I hate seeing internalizing phrases like “girls like… girls don’t like… guys like…” etc… Gender isn’t a conglomerate hivemind; they don’t all have the same likes and dislikes.

Girls don’t like guys who smell bad because PEOPLE don’t like guys who smell bad. But some people do. It’s a small sentiment, especially prominent when it comes to dating app advice, that I just find kinda irritating.”

2. Giving Too Much To The Job

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“Giving too much time to the job and not enough to family.”

“Pretty much this. To a company, we are easily replaceable. Too easy, actually. But to family, we are not. Especially to kids, too much time dedicated to work leaves them with hollow feelings.”

3. Not Resting Enough

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“Not giving your body enough time to heal from an injury or overuse.”

“There are so many men in their 60s who can’t walk or move very well because they put their body through hell when they were 18-50.”

4. Isolating Themselves

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“Isolating themselves because dealing with life is too much. Modern society can be quite lonely”

5. Hanging Out With People Who DON’T Lift You Up

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“Being part of friend groups who insult you more than they lift you.

Casual insulting is one thing, but it should always be good-natured, and positivity should still outweigh it. You’re not some edgy person who can take stuff like a champ.

If those casual roasts get repeated too often, that thing is detrimental to your mental health. If your friends do this, then your friends are jerks. No ifs or buts about it.”

6. Ignoring Self Care

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“Men can be destructive to their bodies and don’t always understand the consequences until it’s too late. SELF-CARE is important.

Eating Healthy and Exercising is something everyone can control to some extent. Don’t forget everyone’s body is a wonderland, and it’s up to you to maintain it by being consistent and nourishing your body correctly.”

“Why are so many men afraid of the doctor/are incapable of making appointments for physicals, etc.?”

7. Consider Somethings As WOMANLY Traits

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“Considering cooking, cleaning, grooming, etc. as womanly traits. Cooking saves a ton of money, and you are more likely to eat healthier.

Cleaning around the house is not only therapeutic, but it also makes for a liveable space. Living in a clean house by itself uplifts one’s mood.”

“An extension of cleaning around the house is cleaning up after yourself and grooming. I’ve noticed that my mood improves after a shower and having spent a day of lazing about.”

8. Belittling Other Men For Being Emotional

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“Belittling other men for being emotional. One time I broke down in front of my dad, who told me to ‘man up’ and stop sulking instead of understanding my situation and wanting to help me through it. I’m sure I’m not the only person whos been through that, but you should never demean another man for having an emotional time.”

9. Making False Promises

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“Promising things you don’t mean”

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