Our priorities and interests evolve over time, leading us to abandon once-cherished pursuits and embrace novel experiences.

A user asked, “What are you starting to dislike more as you get older?”. Here is what people have to share

1. Being Contactable

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“The expectation of being contactable 24/7.”

“One of my “ friends “ called me 16 times the other day. 16 times. I had already told him I was busy doing work modules on my phone and dealing with my father’s Alzheimer’s, yet he still called me 16 times. He is no longer my friend. He made me lose it.”

2. Functioning On Less Sleep

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“Functioning on low sleep. I feel like my body’s ability to do so has decreased drastically in the last few years. It used to be that I could get 5-6h a night during the week, recharge with a couple of 8-10s on the weekend, and be largely fine. I’m feeling it by the 2nd or 3rd day and have to pencil in a few hours to recharge.”

“I have no idea how I managed living in my teens and twenties. I would get maybe five fitful hours of sleep a night, max. I worked all day, did work all night, and never wanted a nap. Now, at least I get a solid eight hours a night, and I’m happy to nap any chance I get.”

3. Rearranged Grocery Store

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“When they rearrange the grocery store.”

“And it never makes any goddamn sense either. If anything, I buy less because I can’t find the pesto I like now.”

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4. Pricing Structures

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“Stupid pricing structures.

  1. “Free” this & that (with tiny-font language below)
  2. Gas stations with three different prices for the same gallon of gas (cash, credit, and easy pay)
  3. $75.00 concert tickets that cost over $125.00 after all the add-on fees.
  4. Car lots with $10,000 in big numbers in the windshield (with “down” in micro-type below).

Just tell me the complete, total, out-the-goddamned-door price in one number, will ya?” 

5. Memories

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“Memories of myself. I remember things I’ve done, and sometimes it makes me sick to my stomach with shame, or sometimes I remember cool things I’ve done, and it makes me sad that I’m not still doing those cool things.”

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6. Noise

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“In the past few years, I developed a snap-rage response to things like booming stereos and loud exhaust.”

“I agree; my sensitivity to noise has increased.”

7. Fear of Losing

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“My parents are also getting older, and the fear of losing them soon terrifies me.”

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8. Driving

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“Driving at night, headlights are too bright, and I can’t see anything.”

9. Facebook or Social Media

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“Facebook. It can go burn now for all I care.”

“All of the social media.”

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10. People

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“I don’t hate people. I’m just happier when they’re not around.”

“Agreed. The sheer ridiculous I see these days makes my head hurt. I’ll just mind my own business, and you people can go do whatever it is you think you’re doing; just leave me out of it.”

11. Hustle

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“The idea of needing to “hustle” to have a decent life.

I despise that term and how it’s seeped into the collective consciousness. It’s an abhorrent idea that you must effectively kill your quality of life to make a living. The only “hustle” I know is what my coach used to yell at me when I was lollygagging during practice.”

12. Getting Sick

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“Getting sick. As a kid, it meant a day off where I lay in bed and watched tv. As an adult, I still have to go to work, but I feel like garbage.”

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13. Lack of Courtesy

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“Basic discourtesy. Don’t know why, but it grinds my gears when people can’t say please and thank you, or excuse me, or hold a door for the 0.2 seconds it would take to not slam in someone’s face, or apologize when they step on someone’s foot or bump into them. Being mean to retail and service workers. People who run red lights.”

“I just want people to be nice. My preschool, Mr. Rogers, and Sesame Street did not spend six years teaching us to be polite in public for us to act like this.”

14. Being Up Late

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“Being up late. It’s dumb. I wish parties started at 2 p.m. and ended at like 10 p.m. After parties go till midnight, and that’s it.

I spent years going to Brooklyn and starting my night at 11 – 2 am. I can’t do it anymore lol.”

15. Gossip

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“Other people’s issues; when I was younger, I loved talking to people, but now I find it annoying to be navigating on thin ice with people’s issues they haven’t resolved.”

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16. Helplessness

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“Intentional helplessness. I like helping people, but Jesus, I’ve met too many grown adults who want to give up and pay 10x as much to solve a problem instead of googling a solution and solving it by themselves in 5 minutes.

“X isn’t working? Did you check to see if anyone online had the same issue? No? What about trying a different power outlet?”

“What’s a power outlet? What’s a plug? A “wall”?? I don’t know anything about this technical stuff!!”

Like, dude, you’re 45; I know you’ve plugged something in at least once. Get your stuff together.”

17. Music

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“Modern music. That isn’t to say that there isn’t any good music being made anymore, but that labels and producers have taken the model of a few select songwriters fashioning very similar songs to using algorithms and very strict ways of producing popular music that the actual singers and bands are inconsequential and interchangeable.

There is a lack of musical nuance today. As soon as AI progresses a small bit more, you will hear more AI-created music than humans created solely because a machine can get the hook every time. You will not even know it’s happened because, as Gloria Estefan said, “The rhythm is gonna get you.”

If you want to understand what I mean, find a song from a popular band you like from before 2000, listen to it with some well-balanced headphones, and then listen to a popular song from the last ten years with those same headphones. You will hear lots of instrumentation and work that you never really noticed before in the older songs and a lot of noise on noise with the newer songs. The music is louder but has little more than that in it”

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