The desire for passive income is prevalent among many, as it offers a sense of financial security and promotes a better work-life balance.

A user asked the forum, “How are you making over $1k/month of Passive Income Online?”. Let’s look at the top responses.


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“Web development. I’m on course to make $6k a month passively by the end of the month. I sell website subscriptions. $0 down $150 a month. 12-month minimum. Month to month after. Includes unlimited edits, 24/7 support, lifetime updates, hosting, and the works.

Small businesses love it because they hate making their own edits and love the idea of having their own personal web developer on call to take their questions. I am selling a service. The website is just part of it.

I do less than 10 hours of edits a year on average for all of my clients. It’s not that bad. Edits are generally pretty easy and take about 30 seconds to do. Been doing this for five years now.

Every month on the 1st is invoice day. I use Square Up to create recurring invoicing, and the client can save their card on file and select autopay. So every month on the 1st, my invoices go out, and they get automatically paid, and I deposit it into my business checking account, and then I write myself a check. I don’t have to do anything. I put all the work in front and collected it over the years. It’s pretty chill.”


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“Niche sites have been pretty lucrative for me. The trick that most people don’t talk about is to find an affiliate program that pays out at least $100 or more. Amazon affiliates are not really worth it unless the product you are promoting is worth something in the thousands.

Then, find really long-tail keywords that answer buyer intent questions. For example, don’t write an article on XYZ yacht review. Instead, try to answer the query, “Can xyz yacht drive backward?”

You will get less traffic but have a higher chance of ranking. Plus, someone who is on the fence about buying something will search for that phrase because they are trying to make their mind up.”


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“I have a business that sells online courses. It does require a bit of admin work (roughly 5 hours a week), but it makes about $1.5k/week.”


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“3D printing. It’s not “passive” entirely, but I click a button, pack it up, and ship it out.

It’s about 500-700% profit per order after all costs for 5 minutes worth of work.”


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“Influencer/ Social media content.

If We quit tomorrow, we’d make several thousand a month. But it’s funny how much work “passive incomes” can be. Neglect them long enough, and they start to decline.”


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“Book cover photography – about £2k a month. Haven’t done anything in 4 years at all.”


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“Making a few thousand per month from Shopify affiliate signups. But that’s taken about ten years total to build up.”


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“2-3 hours/week selling options returns $5-8k/month, and I’m barely doing anything crazy.”


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“Create a web service business over Discord for daily deals. I get paid via monthly subscriptions from my users, and they enjoy my content.

I do a lot of coding, and it’s not really passive, as I’m always looking to grow my presence in the space. Takes about 3-6 hours a day to code after 9-5 and find new services, improvements, or fixes to my code.

This nets me about $1k/month in revenue, and it’s fully automated that’s all built up front.”


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“Drone Real Estate Photography, Not 100% online tho. More like 25% in person and 75% online.”


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“Do $100k+ passive income per month. Affiliate marketing, content ads, and stuff like that. I also run an overseas staffing agency with a fully built-out team, so I guess that would be considered it sort of passive as well.

I will say, though, that I need to constantly produce content and manage my team. If I stopped completely, money would still come in, but it would eventually fizzle out.”


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“Not completely passive, but mostly.

Selling on consignment. Leave products at people’s stores, go once a month, and charge them for what is sold and restock. Takes half an hour. High ticket items.”


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“Investing about 120k bucks in the stock market, you get about 1k a month. You’re welcome.”


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“I’m pulling ~$8k from a Discord server.”


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“Options trading. It’s very volatile; some months, I can be up or down $2-3k.”


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“Amazon wholesaling/3PL. The operations management company runs it for me, so it’s passive.

My ebooks and courses are passive as well.”

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