Bad dates are a universal experience, and countless internet users have tales of disastrous encounters to share. An internet user asked, Men, What was your worst date? The responses were so annoyingly hilarious that we couldn’t keep ourselves from sharing them with you!

When She Added The Cost Of Her Order To My Bill

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“Mine was a girl I took to a seafood dinner and decided to get a to-go order for her cousin and son, then add the cost to my bill. Her to-go order for them was shrimp and lobster. 

When I got the bill, I paid for my dinner plus tip and left her the bill to pay the rest. Never talking to her again.”

When She Borrowed Money & Left With Another Guy

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“Quick and easy reply. 18 y/o me (21 Years ago) goes on a date to a pub with a crush from school. (UK)

An hour into the date she asks to borrow £20 ( which I did give her), 15 minutes later she’s leaving with another guy.” 

When I Had An Accident Immediately After

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“I went ice skating with my crush. I fell and broke both my tibia and my fibula and had to have emergency surgery. Worst date to have a crush you have liked for about 3 years.”

When She Displayed Signs Of Psychopathic Behavior 

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“It was at a coffee shop in a library. She showed up and the very first thing she did was remove her shoes and put them on the table. Later she mentioned how she was obsessed with victims of serial killers and had them tattooed on her body.” 

When She Told Me She Liked A Gay Guy

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“Halfway through dinner at Dennys (her choice, not mine), on my birthday, she told me she liked the gay guy on the water polo team and left me with the bill.

No, I didn’t get a free grand slam. But the waitress saw what happened, and she comped my meal for me when I left.” 

When I Had To Miss Interstellar’s Climax Because Of Her

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“My date used 2-hour street parking when we went to see Interstellar. We had to leave about 20 minutes before the end of the movie to get to her car in time. I still haven’t seen the end.” 

When She Double-Dated Me

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“Went on three dates, nice dinner, met her mom and all that; during the third date, she got a call in the middle of dinner, finished the call, and said, “Sorry, that’s my boyfriend. This is the only time he gets to call from basic” and then she couldn’t wrap her head around why I thought that was messed up. Her reasoning was he was in another state, so she can do whatever she wants.”

When She Couldn’t Stop Bragging About Her Love For Cocaine & Alcohol

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“First and only date, at a restaurant, and within the first five minutes, she’s telling me just how much she loves cocaine and about all the times she’s been so drunk that she peed all over the back seat of cabs, most recently the week before.  She’s pounding shots as this is happening, and I’m struggling to remember if I brought cash so I can quickly pay my bill and disappear.”

When She Said, ” I Wish I Found You Attractive…”

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“2009 Was seeing a girl for a couple of weeks and took her across the state to see Keith Urban and Taylor Swift. She paid for tickets and paid for everything… we get to “I Wanna Kiss a Girl” in Keith’s set and she says “I wish I found you attractive so I could kiss you.”

So then we had to finish the show and had a 2.5-hour drive back home. Tanya, you jerk.”

When She Brought 5+ People Along With Her

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“Matched with a girl on Bumble, and we met at a local arcade. She brought her friend group of 5+. It was awkward, and we didn’t talk much. They invited me back to their house, and then they opened up about being a poly group.

I politely exited and stopped talking to her when she tried to make plans. Everyone was incredibly nice, but it was inappropriate for a first date in my opinion.”

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