Certain dates can be so utterly disheartening that they leave you dreading the notion of embarking on another one.

A user recently asked the forum, What is something that someone has done on a first date that immediately makes you not want a second date? And honestly, the replies had us rolling on the floor!

He asked Me To Remove My Contact Lenses To Read My Mind

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“Ask me to remove my contact lenses because he could read minds, but my contacts were blocking him.” Said one. 

“Good thing he couldn’t read your thoughts or that date might have been awkward.” Another replied. 

Went Back To Her Ex To See If There was Some Spark Left

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“In my early 20’s there was a woman I was interested in. I was trying to get a date and went to her apartment on a Friday after work.

She asked me to hang out with her mother and four kids that evening so that she could go hang out with her ex to see if she had feelings for him before she got serious with me. Dodged that bullet.”

Arrived Late and Was Drunk

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“He arrived late and drunk/high on a first date. That was so awkward. I have nothing against a good drink or smoke, but not when we are strangers who meet for the first time.” Said one. 

“Makes sense. People are supposed to be on their best behavior during first dates. If this person’s best behavior is drunk/high, imagine what their worst behavior is like.” Another added. 

Wanted Babies Before We Even Met

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“We didn’t get to date, but once matched with a woman who mentioned getting married and having babies in the first paragraph of our talking.  Also mentioned moving in with me. She immediately blocked ME when I mentioned I had had a vasectomy.”

Dude Smelled Yuck 

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“Dude smelled like a terrible BO covered by terrible cologne. I wanted to end the date the moment I encountered that smell.” Said one. 

“I’ll never understand why people do this. Nobody (okay maybe some weirdos) likes the smell of BO. Nobody likes the smell of overpowering cologne/perfume. Why mix the two? It just ends up smelling like an old sweaty cast.” Another added. 

Made An Annoyingly Long Phone Call 

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“Making a very long phone call during the date.  Not only did I not want a second date, but I ditched her 10 minutes into the call.” Said one.

“A guy once asked me for drinks at a bar where his best friend was the bartender. He spent the first 15 minutes just talking to him; after I finished my wine, I got up and just left.” Another added. 

Was Too Judgemental 

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“Shouldn’t you be ordering a salad instead?” I put down the menu, apologized to our waitress, gave her $10 for her trouble, and left. There was no bill to stiff him with as we had both only ordered water and no appetizers. (and yes, of course, he saw recent full-body pics of me, so he knew exactly what I looked like before the date).” 

Said “I’m Hungry” & Frowned 

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“A buddy set me up on a blind date when I was maybe 20 with this girl named Kiki. So I introduced myself when we first meet, looking forward to hanging out and catching a movie, something fun.

Instead of saying her name or offering some cordial greeting she just says, “I’m hungry” and frowned. I think I teleported back to my dorm at that very moment. I just faded away from the whole thing before it ever began.” 

Drove Shirtless To Pick Me Up

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“One guy picked me up not wearing a shirt. When I asked where his shirt was he said “It’s my car, I can do what I want in it.” Yikes.” Said one. 

“Sounds like an extremely good reason to never, ever get into his car.” 

Snorted A Pill

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“We sat down at a red lobster and she pulled a pill out of a prescription bottle and crushed it and snorted it in front of me. I don’t know what vibe I gave off that made her think that was ok.” Said one. 

“Goddamn, I would LOVE a woman with the guts to do that! So hilarious, especially if it was a legit prescription that she could’ve just swallowed!” Another chuckled. 

Tried To Catfish Me

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“Went on a date where I was catfished. The first clue should have been Buffalo Wild Wings. Ok, I’ll deal with that. Just want to get through it. Then she orders the most expensive everything. Top-shelf drinks, 2 at a time.

Whatever their most expensive appetizer is. She knew the waiter by name so I figured she must be somewhat regular. She goes to the bathroom and I give the waiter $10 for my beer and dip. She called me and left a message saying she couldn’t afford the bill she thought I was paying.”

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