Every demographic has its own unique experiences and perspectives, and there are many things that people outside of a particular demographic may not understand.

A netizen recently asked, What’s something about your demographic that you think most other Americans don’t understand?

OP says, “Demographic” here can be any niche that you identify with race, ethnicity, gender, orientation, political belief, religion, hobby, etc.” 

Below are the top 15 responses:

Didn’t Buy A Pickup Trucks 

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“I didn’t buy a pickup truck because I’m insecure about my masculinity. I bought one because it was the best mix of price, features, and availability. Turns out half-ton pickups are great family vehicles.”

Black People Should Not Be judged

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“In my opinion, black people just want to do their thing and not be judged or harassed by white people (or any other persons for that matter).”

Pre-Millennials Were Stupid Too

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“All pre-millennial generations: We did a ton of sketchy things when we were young and dumb, as all generations do. But there is no surviving documentation (like phone photos or social media) of any of it. So we can leave our youthful stupidity completely in the past. We’re sorry younger people don’t have this.”

Not all Brown People Speak Spanish

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“Not all Brown people that appear Latino speak Spanish.” Said one. 

“I’m Indian, and as a kid, people assumed I was Latino. My last name starts with a J, and people would pronounce it the Spanish way. This all stopped when I started getting that mustache all Indian pre-teen boys are cursed with.” Another added. 

Call ‘Em Latinos, Not Latinx

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“Please don’t call us Latinx. The vast and I mean the vast majority of Latinos hate it and it’s impossible to say in Spanish which shows how out of touch that word is.” Said one. 

“I was about to say this. Literally, every time someone brings it up, there is a chorus of groans from my family.” Another added. 

Black People, Men, & Shooting 

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“About my race: “Acting black” isn’t a real thing. People’s behavior is determined by their upbringing and their environment. 

Gender: Men make just as caring parents as women.

Hobby: Shooting is for everyone. Not every gun owner is a conservative white male.” 

“Jewish” Is An Ethnicity, Not a Religion 

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“Jewish” is an ethnicity much more than a religion.” Said one. 

“Yup. I didn’t understand this at all until I was an adult. As a kid, I was like “If I can choose to be Christian, then I can choose to be Jewish!”.” Another added. 

The Rich Cultural History Of Jewish-Americans

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“Jewish-American: There is rich cultural history to both Judaism and the Jewish-American experience. It isn’t just not eating bacon, having a bar mitzvah, and being sad about the holocaust.” 

Military Vets Don’t Like Being Thanked For Their Service 

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“Military vets: You don’t need to thank us for our service, and most of us weren’t damaged by our time in uniform.” Said one. 

“This.  I mean, my time in submarines left me with some habits folks might find odd…  But other than that, yeah.  I’m not damaged in any material way.  

And I hate being thanked for my service.  Like 99.999% of my brethren back in the 80’s – I didn’t join because I was some kind of patriot or saw myself as a “Defender of Democracy”.  I joined for college money and to escape the lack of prospects in my hometown.” Another added.

Being A Redneck Isn’t Just Limited To One Race Or Just Conservatives 

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“Being a Redneck isn’t limited to 1 race. I know white rednecks, black rednecks, Asian rednecks, and Hispanic rednecks. It’s a mindset and lifestyle.” Said one. 

“It also isn’t limited to conservatives. I grew up in a trailer, hunted and fished most of my life, was driving hay trucks before I had my license, and am also super liberal.” Another added. 

Indigenous Americans Are Just Regular People 

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“Indigenous Americans are, for the most part, just regular people. When you meet us you don’t have to list all the ‘wrongs’ that were done against our ancestors. We know. We use cell phones, go to movies, eat pizza, do all the things most Americans do.” 

Rural White Americans Might Just Be Anxious And Not Racists 

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“This one is kind of weird, but as a rural white American, I can go weeks at a time without meeting a racial minority. I just don’t have much opportunity to interact with any.

When I do it can sometimes cause awkwardness from unfamiliarity, and a lot of rural folks can get anxious about that since we don’t want to be seen as racists for acting weird around ethnic minorities.” 

You Can Be Mixed Race And Fair Skinned

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“You can be mixed race and fair-skinned.” Said one. 

Motorcycling and Motorcyclers

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“Motorcycling, like many hobbies perceived as somewhat masculine or uncultured, has a full range of participants. Nobody makes more fun of the faux “rockstars” as much as fellow bikers. 

Also, the brand or style of the bike does not determine somebody’s credentials or ability. Every sub-group of bikers has its own particular brand of moron.  Squids. HOGs. Airheads. Dirtheads.

Many non-riders dislike motorcyclists, but nobody dislikes motorcyclists as much as fellow motorcyclists.” 

Coming Out Of The Closet Isn’t A One-Time Event

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“Coming out of the closet isn’t a one-time event where the world suddenly knows that you’re gay, bi, trans, non-binary, whatever. It’s a constant thing whenever you meet someone new.

Every job interview, every coworker interaction, every new acquaintance, every friend of a friend, you’re always testing the waters on “Is this person I just met a bigot or not? Can I trust this person to not mistreat me?” Introductions aren’t just introductions and you develop a sixth sense of who you can be open to and who you need to keep at arm’s length. 

It genuinely gets exhausting after a while.”

All Male Teachers Are Not Predators 

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“I’m a lot of stuff, but I think the one that affects me the most is being a man. I used to work at a preschool. The kids loved me. The teachers loved me. My site director loved me. But the parents acted like I’m a predator, yet to be proven.

When I told a grandma picking up her child that her child is in the bathroom (because, you know, knowing where the kids are is my job), my site director had to pull me over the next day and ask if any girls need to go to the bathroom, to get a female staff (which was literally everyone else in the building). I would literally just take the kids to the bathroom and wait outside the door for them, but that had to be modified because I’m a man.

I was objectively better trained and vetted than most parents, yet I’m the predator. The worst part about it is when I told my family and friends about how I felt about the whole thing, they said “Well, that’s said, but you never know” like if the thought of “how can they know if I’m going to rape their kid or not” is to suppose to comfort me. 

People say men don’t like kids and I can see why. When a man does try to be teachers or in caregiving roles, they’re treated like a threat. I had **one** parent even take the time to talk to me. I’ve chosen a different career path and even though I would actually like to work with kids, I know that’s not a realistic option for me.” 

Millennials Are Young, Entitled Folks

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“I’m an early Millennial/late Gen Xer (Xennial?) and the number of older people that believe the Millennials are the ones who are entitled and eat Tide Pods is way too high. It’s like my brothers in Christ, some of us are damn near 40. We’re not young people anymore.”

Adoption Isn’t A Bed Of Roses

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“Adult adoptee here. I can’t access my family medical history (I can only piece it together with 23 & Me) and I’m not legally supposed to have my original birth certificate (so if I lose it I’m screwed).

I am not an orphan, in fact, most “orphans” are not orphans and many babies are not voluntarily relinquished. I wish we weren’t used as pawns in the abortion debate, or treated as the solution to peoples’ infertility issues. I’m also a transracial adoptee, and I wish other POC could accept us as part of the diaspora, our stories are just different from theirs.” 

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