In light of the rapid advancements in technology and the evolving nature of human behavior, many of today’s norms may soon become obsolete.

A user asked the forum, “What’s a widely accepted societal norm today that you believe will be seen as absurd or outdated in the near future?”. Here are the top responses.


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“For-profit healthcare and health insurance, I think one day it will be seen as one of the worst things humans have ever done to each other.”

9 to 5 JOB

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“I think the whole ‘9-to-5 office job’ thing is gonna seem pretty ridiculous in the future. Like, why do we all have to commute and sit in a cubicle for 8 hours when technology allows for remote work? It’s such a time-waster.

Plus, work-life balance is kind of messed up. Just my two cents, but I feel like we’re headed towards a major shift in how we view work.”


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“Tipping… let’s hope!”


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“20 years from now, the new generation won’t know what a tweet is or why people get so upset over them.”


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“Plastic on and in everything.”


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“Going to college. Far, far more people are going to college than are needed for jobs. Most jobs can be done with experience or a certification. People are already starting to realize unless you absolutely need a degree for your desired career path, it’s better just not to go.”


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“Forcing children in K-12 to ask for permission to use the bathroom, limiting or possibly barring access, should probably be considered a human rights violation.”


21. Wedding photography
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“Massive weddings. I think people will find better ways to spend that money. The decline of religion and our mobile society will probably speed things up.”


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“Filming and pranking the general public.”


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“Driving everywhere.

It kills and damages a ridiculous number of people.

People from the future will look at the 21st-century obsession with driving and investment in driving infrastructure the same way we look at lead pipes in ancient Rome.”


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“Mowing lawns. Let grass attain its biologically natural height, or pick a shorter ground cover.

A well-kept lawn looks nice, but to make it a mandatory default through HOAs or city regulation seems really arbitrary. I’m not exactly a libertarian, but if I bought land — I feel like it is my choice what vegetation exists and in what state.”


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“Allowing kids to be on smartphones/social media/the internet, especially with no restrictions.”


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“Socializing and alcohol. It’s so ingrained in our culture that people who don’t drink are questioned and have a hard time in social settings. Seems like more and more people stop drinking altogether, so if that’s a real trend, drinking will be frowned upon in the future.”


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“Large amounts of sugar and high fructose corn syrup in children’s food and beverages.

“Sugar is a drug, and high consumption leads to addiction and disease.

I’ve tried quitting sugar several times. It’s awful. I think people in the future will look at our children’s sugar consumption and judge us poorly.”


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“Eating animals. Genuinely, I think society might totally get with veganism and understand that unnecessary suffering of animals just for flavor reasons is not justified for how much suffering we put on them and the planet.”

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