Single men may have a variety of reasons for avoiding social media. Exploring these motivations can provide insights into their perspectives and decision-making processes.

A user asked the forum, “Single men who aren’t on any social media, what is your reason?”. Let’s look at the top responses.


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“It’s toxic and basically just a thirst trap.”


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“Because it’s vapid, self-centered, and really, really not interesting.”


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“I deleted Facebook after university; it was an absolutely useless, time-consuming garbage site for me back then. Nowadays, it could be useful to reconnect with old friends, but still, not interested in remaking it.”


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“I don’t have any need for it. I see my friends regularly, so I know what they’re up to.”


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“Social media literally rots your brain and gives you anxiety. Life was better before it.”


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“Because I’m shy and not doing anything interesting like people traveling or doing cool things. I go to work, come home, cook, go to the gym, and sleep. The most exciting, boring life to show off.”


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“I just don’t care for it. Why do strangers need to know about my day and vice versa.”


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“Those sites are basically a vehicle to get ads in front of your eyeballs, and I have a psychotic, visceral hatred of being advertised-to.”


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“Not single anymore but was for nearly four years.

I got off because it made me miserable. Seeing all the people I grew up with succeeding wildly at life, becoming influencers, having their parents buy their houses as graduation gifts, and landing top-tier jobs before they even graduated college. Just graduating on time. It made me truly genuinely miserable.”


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“Other than Reddit, I’m not on anything you’d call social media. Don’t have Facebook, don’t have Twitter, don’t have Tiktok, don’t have Tumblr. I do have Discord and WhatsApp, but I wouldn’t really call that social media; I just use them to call friends. I never even really joined a server on Discord.

My reason is that I’m a loner 90% of the time and don’t feel like I want people snooping around in my private life. If you need to know, you’d know. I hate the idea of some random people from China or something googling my name and reading what I did last night.”


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“It’s mostly fake – bots or ‘fake’ low-quality people. Spend enough time there, and it’ll warp your perception of life.”


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“I’m married but haven’t been on anything since 2008 (Facebook), and never signed up for anything before or after. Life is worth experiencing on its own, and I certainly have enough other things to distract me and also to keep me busy. I’m late Gen X and miss those last years when we weren’t all plugged into the Matrix yet!”


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“I’m not comfortable with the concept of having a large portion of my life set out for the public to view or even for a broad audience of people who know me specifically. The people I want in my life know how to reach me.”


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“In short, I found it depressing. Full of negative, bad stereotypes and racism, always present attempts of brainwashing by various groups. All dipped in dark, sticky, and smelly woke sauce.

No, thanks. I have a life and love it.”

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