Is it possible to generate an extra thousand dollars on the side while working full-time? If yes, what are some ways to go about it? Here are 15 side hustles to generate an extra $2000


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A barback keeps the bar stocked, clean, and organized, assisting bartenders in smooth operation. On average, they make $13 an hour, but on busy nights, they can make as much as $21 an hour.

“I got a Barback job and made about $200 a night. Only work eight shifts a month, and I make $1,500,” says one.


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You can transform discarded furniture and electronics into cash gems by flipping. Sell them on eBay, Facebook Marketplace, and more. There are people like Rob and Melissa who earn over $133000 a year flipping items on eBay.

“Buy and flip furniture and or electronics (or anything you want, honestly). It won’t be easy, but if you get a good rhythm, 1000$+ is possible.” says one. 


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You can turn your toolbox into a treasure trove by offering your handyman skills. Make use of TaskRabbit and other odd job apps to start off.

“Handyman jobs pretty much you just need a cordless drill and a couple of tools. This month, I already made almost $2k!” says one. 


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You can offer a comfortable and convenient place to live near the hospital and earn a steady rental income. The rental rates are as high as $50-100 a night. 

A user shares “tent a house next to a hospital, then rent all rooms on furnished finders to travel nurses. I do this to make that much.”


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With as many as 65.1 million houses owning a dog. dog grooming is a lucrative business to make money.  “Learn dog grooming. I make easily 1000$ every month from that alone.” shares a user. 


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Transform your pool into a cash cow by renting it out to eager swimmers for a splash of profit. “If you have a pool, rent it out on the Swimply app!” shares a netizen.


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Teaching online offers a flexible and rewarding way to earn extra income as a side hustle. Companies like VIPKID pay as much as $25/hr with a flexible schedule.

“Do you have an advanced degree in something? With a Master’s degree, you can teach online. I’ve taught for two schools, and it’s about 10-12 hours a week and nets about $1000 a month. There may be other opportunities if you don’t have the degree but have a skill that is needed.” shares one. 


2. christmas decor
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With the holiday season approaching, selling candles can be a lucrative business.

“Selling candles. $100 to start up, and make 1k-2k per month in less than a year. Get into local stores, online, farmers markets, etc.” shares one.


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While AirBnB rental owners are facing trouble, you can rent a room or your house during events, holidays, etc to make money.


middle school teacher
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Many parents choose to homeschool these days and search for tutors who can help. Encash this opportunity.

“I always have a full schedule tutoring and mentoring homeschool students and bring in an extra $2000 a month. If you know a specific field, parents love to implement that into their curriculum and will hire you in a second.” shares one. 


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With low start-up costs, car detailing is a business that can generate extra cash quickly.

“Car detailing if you like to clean.” 


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You can easily turn your love for furry friends into a profitable side hustle with dog sitting. Not only is it easy to start, but it also has low startup costs and a high earning potential.

“Dog sitting, averaging $2k a month for two dogs, just playing and taking them for walks.” shares one.


soccer or football college
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If you love sports, you can pick up jobs to referee any sport and earn enough cash over the weekend.

“Referee a sport. In my case, I referee basketball and have made a consistent $400-600 dollars a weekend.” shares one.


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Like odd jobs, snow shoveling is a great job to make extra money. “Snow shoveling. You can make at least 3-5k a month, depending on your market.” says one. 


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Dumpster diving, the act of retrieving discarded items from trash bins, may seem unconventional, but it holds the potential to be a surprisingly lucrative source of extra cash. While not for the faint of heart, it can be a rewarding experience for those with an entrepreneurial spirit and a keen eye for value.

“I used to dumpster dive, collect items, sell on Facebook marketplace, and aluminum cans for recycling. You can easily make $200 a month with some big scores here and there. Sold a few dumpster laptops. People throw out so much.” says one.

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