Some cooking opinions are held steadfastly by people, and they refuse to change them under any circumstances! A user asked the forum, “What cooking hill are you willing to die on?” Here are the top responses.


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“Nachos should be built wide instead of tall. Homemade chili tastes best the next day.”


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“For Thai cooking, you can use every cooking oil except olive oil and truffle oil.”


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“Authentic food is not always better than dishes that have had some local influence on them. But I’ll get mad if I get another chicken tikka platter with broccoli and celery.”


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“Unless you buy directly from a farm (or a retailer that optimizes for speed of sale from harvest), high-quality frozen ingredients can be tastier and more nutritious than fresh.”


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“Salt is just as important in sweet food as savory food.”


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“Out-of-season tomatoes are usually not worth buying, and better quality canned tomatoes are often worth the extra few cents!”


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“Recipes should only be loosely followed, and you should modify them to suit your tastes.”


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“Not exactly a cooking one, but people should be free to enjoy their food how they like as long as they’re not being jerk about it.”


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“While authenticity and culinary traditions can be important parts of cultural identity and deserve recognition, cooking can be fun. Both things can be true at the same time. 

As long as nobody mocks other people’s preferences, trying out new things and staying open-minded is okay. That’s how we learn and grow as humans, and it doesn’t stop us from respecting our roots.”


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“Rinsing mushrooms is perfectly fine. It’ll take longer to brown, but you can’t overcook mushrooms, making no difference. Plus, you save all the time it would take to wipe and brush them off.”


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“You should undercook your pasta and finish cooking it in your sauce.”


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“There’s no need to do horizontal cuts when dicing an onion.”


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“A lot of recipes are very under-seasoned. One teaspoon is not enough of any seasoning for a recipe that feeds more than one.”


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“Most barbecue restaurants are bad compared to what a practiced amateur can do at home, and I find it a highway robbery. These people charge $30+/lb for a brisket.”


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“2-3 cloves of garlic is not enough, and I’ll always add more than the recipe calls for. Same with onion. Half an onion? Nope, adding the whole thing.”


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“Lumpy mashed potatoes are far superior to the super smooth version.”


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“Margarine is not butter, and before you come at me, for those who don’t eat dairy, use oil. Margarine is an abomination. My Mother-In-Law (MIL) ruins so much with her diet margarine, which she insists tastes just like butter!”


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“Ribeye is miles better than the New York strip, and it’s not even close.”

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