What do men find unbearably annoying in a woman’s dating profile?

An internet user asked, “Men, what is it that you do not want to see in a woman’s dating profile?”. Below, we go over the most interesting responses!


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“Add me on Instagram; I’m never on here,” said one. 

“I just assumed those were scams or, at best, someone trying to get me to ultimately go to their only fans or something,” another added.


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“When there’s no text at all, or it’s just ‘Entertain me,'” said one. 

“Back when I used to be on the apps, I’d read ‘Entertain me’ as ‘I’m a snob with no personality,’” another added. 


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“‘If you can’t handle me at my worst, you don’t deserve me at my best.’ Instant left-swipe, every time, no exceptions.” 


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“I’m a boss, babe,” said one. 

“That’s an immediate ‘no’ for me. If I wanted a boss, I’d go back to work,” another added. 


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“Threatening language. For instance, ‘If you’re this or that, don’t contact me.’ This is a huge red flag. You have a living liability on your hands. 

Run like hell if you see threatening/demanding language. If a female puts that in her profile, what other nonsense demands will she have.” 


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“If she refers to herself as a Queen or a Princess. Nope.” 


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“Pictures with friends. There are some profiles out there that I have no clue who owns the account because you see the same 2-3 girls in all of them.” 


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“Something about insulting men. It seems like the wrong place unless you’re looking for the same team, which I understand. Straight women are confusing, though. 

Do you want me to swipe right, or should I leave you alone because you hate me? It’s usually a pretty good red flag anyways, so I swipe left.” 


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“Money talk. Any mention of money is a bad sign.” 


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“‘Fluent in sarcasm.’ I’m all for a sense of humor, and a sprinkling of sarcasm is great, but if that’s primary, then sorry!” 


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“‘Live, Laugh, Love.’ I assume they have a brain injury if they have this.” 


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“Jim to my Pam. Ross to Rachel. Something along those lines,” said one. 

“Scrolled too far to find the ‘Jim to my Pam.’ Those people think that liking the office is a personality trait,” another added. 


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“Looking for an open relationship.”


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“How independent you are. It’s not that I don’t want an independent woman. I do. The problem is that some women make it their whole personality. It’s like they have a chip on their shoulder.” 


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“Are all your pictures of you dressed up elegantly at lavish destinations?

Swipe left. I’ve dated women like that before. They’re impossible to take out without spending money at the bank.

I hate always going to excellent restaurants and the most trendy bars. Sometimes it is fine, but sometimes I want to go to a diner and get breakfast in my track pants.” 

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