Certain errors are so severe that forgiveness is impossible, particularly when they jeopardize human life.

An internet user recently asked, What’s the worst mistake you’ve seen someone do in their job? The following responses boggled our minds!

Took ‘Safety’ For Granted 

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“Plant manager let the safety guy go because they didn’t believe safety was a full-time job and wanted to cut back on company spending. They decided the supervisors could do all the safety audits, and training, and keep the building up to code. 

Not even a week later two guys got their arms cut off working on a machine they weren’t trained/certified on, and the back building caught fire due to pallets and cardboard boxes being stacked in the wrong area near the furnace.”

Crossed A Border With Cocaine In Their Pocket

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“Forget they had cocaine in their pocket while crossing a border. This led the Austrian border and customs police to open up about 100 cans of exposed film stock in the van the guy was driving… film stock from a costly film shoot the week before. 

The result was that the second unit had to go back and reshoot an entire action set piece for the film. The Line Producer told me the mistake cost about 5 million euros.”

Filled Diesel Trucks With Regular Gas

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“I worked at a car dealership several years back. There was a new mechanic who was there barely a week and tasked to go fill all the brand new, top-of-the-line, biggest diesel trucks on the lot. Diesel.

The guy filled all the trucks with regular gas. At the gas station down the street. Then drove them back to the lot. He was fired pretty quickly after that.”

Messed With Electricity 

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“Saw a guy get zapped pretty bad when he stuck a tool in the wrong place on a big dryer at a hotel where I worked. We had asked him if he should cut the power first, and he said no, don’t need to. For a moment after, we thought he was dead.” 

Misread A Painkiller As An Antipsychotic 

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“In the ER, Doctor wrote down an order for 15 mg IM of Toradol (anti-inflammatory painkiller), and the nurse I was training misread and started to draw up 15mg of Haldol (antipsychotic).

That’s triple the standard dose for Haldol. This was for a patient with abdominal pain. The nurse I was training didn’t question it at all. This wasn’t a newly graduated nurse mind, just new to my department. Yes, I stopped her before she gave the med. No, she did not continue to work in the ER.”

Forwarded Emails With Malware Links 

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“An IT worker once sent an advisory to the entire company about an email several people had received with a malware link. She did so by forwarding the actual email with the link.” 

Couldn’t Diagnose Cancer With Ultrasound Reports

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“Went to a new gynae about a lump in my breast. Immediate ultrasound… then silence. I called the office, and the office person said, “Oh, you’re fine” I said, “Really?

I’m asking about the ultrasound.” Yeah, it’s fine. Three years later, my PCP asked if I had any lumps during a yearly exam. I said, “Yes, it’s right there in my records” (same medical group and all have access to the same info. Two days later, I’m diagnosed with stage 4 breast cancer. The rest is a whirlwind, and I’m kicking butt!”

Removed The Electrical Control Box From The List Of Supplies 

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“We had an old electrical engineer in my department who knew his stuff, except he was nearly useless on a computer.

He didn’t want everyone to know, so he skated by and had others pick up the slack.  Through a series of blunders and a lack of documentation on his part, he caused an electrical control box to be removed from the list of parts that we were supplying to the customer for that program. That was worth 12.5 million dollars for revenue in the first six years once the product went into production.”

Caused A Chemical Fire By Leaving A Caustic Heater Turned On ALL WEEKEND 

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“I worked for a start-up cider manufacturer in my second year of college. Normally after a day of production, we have to sanitize all the metal components in a hot caustic wash. There are hundreds of pieces, so it takes a while. Our managers left us an hour before our shift ended to clean up.

Before leaving, I had to do some e-commerce end-of-day stuff, so my coworker wrapped up the cleanup. On Monday, we returned to the warehouse that burned down.

He left the caustic heater on all weekend, and it caused a chemical fire. Everything was destroyed, and it ended up bankrupting the company. He dropped out of his co-op degree after he couldn’t get recommended for another placement.” 

Mixed Ammonia & Bleach, Resulting In The Formation Of The Poisonous Ammonia Chloride Gas 

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“I used to work as a maid in a motel, and our usual supervisor was out sick. The person who took her place that day mixed ammonia and bleach in a window cleaner bottle and poisoned me with ammonia chloride gas fumes when I sprayed the bathroom mirror.

If the maintenance man hadn’t come by and found me unconscious, it could have killed me. For several months after that I had respiratory problems, vision issues and a lingering burn in my nose and throat.”

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