Embracing frugality paves the way for financial security and a life of contentment.

When you’re mindful of your spending and make intentional choices about how and where to spend your money, you can save more and reach your financial goals faster. This can give you the peace of mind and freedom to live a more fulfilling life.

Recently, someone on the forum asked the community, “What bizarre or archaic frugal habit have you inherited from your parents you just can’t shake off?” The answers are relatable. 

Here is what people shared: 

1. Shutting Lights Off Compulsively 

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Since childhood, my parents encouraged me to switch off lights when not in use. It is definitely an old habit and hard to shake off. 

“I am compulsively shutting off lights when not in use; even with today’s LED bulbs, the energy consumption is so minuscule it doesn’t even register on any modern voltage meter, nor will it make any dent on my energy bill. ( ya, I checked that).” shared a user.

2. Saving Plastic Bags And Ziplocks

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“Saving plastic bags (the grocery store checkout kind). For as long as I’ve been alive, I have had a plastic bag, under the sink or in my pantry, filled with other plastic bags. There is no way I will ever use them all. Yet I continue to save every plastic bag that makes its way into my home.” shared someone.

3. Reusing Tinfoil 

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“I fold up the aluminum foil for later use.” said one and got 43 people upvoting it. That means there are tonnes of people who do save aluminum foil for later. 

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4. Putting Water To Get Last Bit Of The Sauce

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“How about putting a little water in the ketchup bottle (or any condiment) to get every last bit? Thanks, depression-era parents!” said one. 

“Me…I also put a little water in the tomato sauce/gravy jars to get every last bit out.” said another, and “I also do that with washing-up liquids, shampoos/conditioners, face cleansers,” added yet another.

Definitely, a frugal habit that we all got from our parents.

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5. Collecting Buttons From Old Clothes

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“My mom would cut the buttons off clothes when she finally decided to get rid of them. She has multiple cookie tins full of buttons just in case someone needs a button.” shared a user.

“I sew a lot, and when my grandma died, my family sent all her sewing stuff to me; in it was two 2kg peanut butter jars full of buttons and a box of old elastics saved from clothing. All the elastic went to the garbage as most were not good anymore, and I sorted through all the buttons and managed to find quite a lot of identical and some nice ones. I kept those; maybe a mug full; the rest went to the garbage.” shared another. 

6. Saving Wood Scrap

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“Saving wood scraps from every project. My workroom is full of odd shapes of wood, big and small, thick and thin, different types – all in the hope that “someday” I will need a particular piece of wood and I will have it handy.” shared a user.

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7. Saving All Nuts And Screws

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“Saving screws, nuts, bolts, etc., in case I need them someday.” said someone. 

“My father is like that, trying to stop since I have boxes of new screws and live within walking distance from a big hardware store. They still come in hand though.” said another.

8. Cutting Sponge

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A user shared, “I cut kitchen sponges in thirds. They get ruined immediately, so there is less waste. They move from countertop cleaning to sink, then when really ruined, use on the toilet and then thrown away. My son automatically does this too, now.”

9. Outside Clothes vs. Home Clothes

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“Always changing from outside clothes into home clothes as soon as I get home. Outside clothes are clothes that are in good shape, don’t have stains, etc.

What are home clothes? They are comfortable and retired ex-outside clothes. They have either been stained or stretched out of shape or have colors washed out. This isn’t changing just for a cleaning routine, a cook that I know will be messy or strictly comfortable. This is to preserve the life of the outside clothes for as long as possible, despite being able to afford new lounging comfortable clothes whenever.” shared a Redditor

10. Save Napkins From Everywhere Else

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A user shared, “My car’s glove compartment is entirely off all those extra napkins you get at the drive-through because you never know when you’ll need one for a spill or an emergency tissue.

The funny thing is, it’s been a year since I’ve actually been through a drive. I still have some tissues in there and a couple spare doggie poop bags that you pick up “just in case it’s a two-bagger walk” and don’t end up using.

Both have come in convenient several times.”

11. Saving Bows From Presents

reusing bows from presents to be frugal
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“Saving bows and such from wrapped presents.” shared someone.

12. Wearing Pants Until It Has Holes

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A user shared, “I wear underwear and socks until they are covered in holes. It gets to the point where they’re not worth wearing, but I always make excuses. I have 3 toes sticking out on my right foot? All good. No one gonna see it in the shoe.”

In our personal opinion, this might just be borderline cheapstake. 

13. Squeezing Toothpaste

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“Squeezing the last drop of toothpaste,” said one. “I use my toothbrush handle to squeeze the toothpaste from the bottom up in the tube.” said another.

We hope you enjoyed the Reddit discussion on bizzare frugal habits that you can’t shake off. These bizarre or archaic frugal habit that these people inherited from their parents may seem strange or outdated to some. Still, it has become an ingrained part of their personal financial philosophy. Despite the challenges and inconvenience it may cause, this habit has helped them save money and live a more mindful and intentional life.

It is a reminder to be mindful of our spending and prioritize values and goals over instant gratification.  

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