Girls do many great and admirable things, but there are also a few things that people secretly despise. A user asked the forum, “What are some things girls do that you secretly despise?”

Here are some responses he got!


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“Sharing every detail of my personal life that I confidently shared with them, with all their friends.”


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“This is something that annoys me to no end! I like building models and flying model airplanes. I’m not that old. I won’t say my age, but let’s go with under 30 by a decent margin. My friends (only the female ones) and my GF call me an old man because I like hobbies that were more popular in the 60s-70s. I need to find some better people to hang out with.”


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“Volunteering me and my skills to your family and friends. I don’t want to spend my weekends/time after work playing mechanic or handyman for your family and friends.”


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“Talk about our physical life in detail with her group chat.

I had an ex who talked about our physical life to all her friends. Then I talk about it once to one of my friends, and she gets annoyed. Talk about double standards.”


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“Bully other girls. It’s a huge Red Flag.

Don’t date or mate with bullies, no matter the gender.”


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“This goes for men too, but they wear too much fragrance. If I can still smell you 5 minutes after you were in the elevator, you need to tone it down. 1, maybe two spritzes, but I swear people are out here practically bathing in perfume.”


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“Playing games when it comes to dating. It is like playing hard to get when men are taught no means no. Women need to be honest with intentions.”


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“Seeking attention from other guys when they already have a partner. I hate it, and it’s not a secret.”


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“Collagen lip injections aren’t hot. They look horrible.”


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“Girlfriend’s best friend sending me seductive photos while simultaneously trying to get her to break up with me. Like, you realize I can show my girlfriend the photos?”


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“I despise people acting stupid in public doing TikTok videos. I ignore them, but secretly it’s annoying.”


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“I worked at a pizza shop in high school, and the girls with the long fingernails would get the cheese stuck under there…so gross. You know there’s poop particles under those things.”


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“I’ve worked as a janitor at a grocery store, and there is a marked difference between how messy women’s public restrooms get compared to men’s. Paper products all over the floor, piling used toilet paper behind the toilet instead of flushing it, stuffing trash that doesn’t fit (adult diapers, empty alcohol containers, etc. ) into those rectangular trash dispensers for feminine products, leaving blood or poop on the seats, using too many toilet-seat covers and clogging the toilet.

It’s frustrating when you try to clean it, but a line of impatient women is building up because you’ve had to close the restroom to clean their mess.”


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“Expecting you to take hints that are hardly hints instead of being an adult and being direct about what you want.”


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“If you have something to say, just say it. Don’t throw shade or walk into the bathroom after me and put the toilet seat down. “Could you put the toilet seat down, please?” Also, saying, “You’re just like my father/ex,” makes my blood boil.”

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