It’s 2023, and technology continues to advance, yet some things still persist around the world.

A user asked the forum, “What can’t you believe is still a thing in 2023?” Here are the common responses.


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“Sears still has 11 stores left!”


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“Measles and polio. Both diseases should have been eradicated years ago. We have rid the world of smallpox and rinderpest (a cattle disease caused by a measles-like virus that does not infect people), and guinea worm is almost gone. Thanks to Jimmy Carter for helcrping rid the tropics of this disfiguring, painful disease.”


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“$7.25 federal minimum wage.”


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“Unpaid maternity leave as a standard.”


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“World hunger. Three million people die each year (one of the worst ways to go out), and 800 million people suffer. It’s such a solvable issue, too.”


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“That there is no cure for eye floaters or Visual Snow Syndrome (Or intrusive entoptic phenomena).”


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“Region/geoblocking, I get why, but the whole thing with the internet was to facilitate the exchange of information (including media), so it hurts that capitalism found a way to make that difficult on the thing we invented to stop that being difficult.”


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“Smoking, in any format. Nobody thinks it’s healthy, or safe, or even excellent. But people still start the habit.”


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“Racism. It’s stupid that we’re still devoting time and energy to that stuff.”


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“Pretending the American food system isn’t poison.”


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“Places without cell/internet service. If only the big cable companies were given billions of tax money to improve it over the last two decades. If only.”


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“People are oversharing on social media. People are being kidnapped while they’re on holiday cause they had to share a beach pic in Tenerife. People just astound me.”


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“That clear plastic packaging that takes more energy to open than it did to make the product inside.”


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“Deliberate environmental damage. I still remember learning about conservation, climate change, acid rain, and the likes of it way back in the early ’90s and about what we were doing to help mitigate the damage being done – e.g., electric vehicles, carbon neutral power generation, fusion (commercial fusion might be a reality within ten years finally), solar, and so on. 

Sometime during the later ’90s, though, it was like a switch was triggered, and people just forgot about conservation, reducing pollution, and otherwise helping to limit climate change. 

Here we are 30 years later, with the latest consensus being that things will be bad because we didn’t do enough. The only things we did to avert the issue were install some wind turbines, solar panels, and hybrid/electric vehicles, most of which were done in the past decade.”


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“Bigotry and fascism. It’s the 21st century, people! We’re almost a quarter of the way through it! Grow up and be respectful!”


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“Idiots. We live in a period in which at least 80% of the population has a device in their pocket to access all information known to man, yet stupid people still exist.

A tiny rectangle of glass and metal outshines the grand Library of Alexandria, yet people still refuse to take the time to Google. 

Do you know how many arguments I’ve won by simply googling the thing in front of the person? It’s ridiculous how willfully ignorant some people are!”


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“Common Sense! Plus, people are being spoon-fed information from mainstream media and running with whatever they see on social media, rather than researching both sides of an argument to make an educated decision.”


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“Banning books. You don’t want your child reading it? Fine. Don’t take the books off the shelf. Someone else will want to read it.”


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“I work in healthcare. The primary source of communication is fax. Granted, it’s all electronic, but my office still uses a fax machine until 2022. The electronic fax is just as unreliable, honestly. Sometimes, the server is down; people still say they didn’t get a fax (but I suspect they’re lazy), and they can be pretty tedious to work with.

It’s just crazy that it’s still so prevalent when there are much better means of communication, and some even catered directly to healthcare.”


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“Inflation. Please make it stop.”

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