Sometimes, the most effective money-saving strategies come from unexpected sources.

A user asked on a popular forum, what did you start doing that saved you money when keeping was different from the initial goal? and people share their experiences of money-saving habits that were initially motivated by something entirely different.

These tips can help you save big time.

1. DIY Haircuts

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“So I’ll start: I began cutting my hair rather than going to a salon because the place I had been going to no longer had well-trained people. The last time I went, they royally ruined my hair, so I decided I would learn how to maintain it myself. I already knew what I liked and had a little experience with it, so I didn’t want to continue trusting someone else with my hair.

This decision has saved me roughly $200 annually, and I don’t think I will ever return to a salon unless I want a specific treatment done.” a user shared.

2. Quitting Alcohol

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“I quit drinking alcohol years ago for health reasons, and the financial aspect of it hit me later in life; I was already frugal and didn’t spend much already, but I know it saved me a ton of cash. Once in a while, like maybe twice a year, I will buy a bottle of good red wine if I need to celebrate, and that’s it. Any addiction isn’t so good for the wallet.” said one.

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3. Aversion To Eating Out

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“I stopped eating out because I’m lazy and don’t feel like leaving the house in the evening once I’ve changed into sweats. And uh, turns out I save a lot of money that way!” a user shared.

“I moved from an urban to a rural area, so I didn’t have easy access to foods I love. I learned how to make my fave foods and started buying in bulk because stores were so far away. I now grind or slice my meats and make everything I eat. Don’t buy premade food and have super delicious food that’s a fraction of the cost. I also started a food business.” another said.

4. Shopping Secondhand

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“I started buying clothes on eBay, Poshmark, and Mercari to get cute clothes while avoiding supporting unethical brands. Quickly realized that everything I could want, including jewelry, gets sold secondhand for way less, lots of times even new with tag & that’s basically how I get 90% of my clothing now.” said one.

5. Getting A Freezer

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“We got a dedicated freezer to have more food on hand. When I know I’ve got $1000 worth of food in the freezer, I don’t eat out as much; that’s a lot of money stored in that freezer! Also, we can take advantage of sales at the grocery store.

Around Easter, we’ll buy a BUNCH of ham at pennies a pound. At Thanksgiving, I’ll buy two extra turkeys and break them down for eating later. It’s hard to do a whole turkey; it’s easy to do a turkey breast, legs, or thighs. Again super cheap at the right time of year.” said one.

6. Borrowing Video Games

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“My library loans out ps5, Xbox series, and switch games. I’ve probably saved over $1000, never buying a single-player game anymore. I also get to test out multiplayer games before I commit to buying.” a user shared.

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7. Switching To A Menstrual Cup

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“I started using a menstrual cup. Initially, I was researching organic tampons because I was worried about TSS and the environment, ultimately leading me to reusable period products.

I haven’t bought tampons/pads since 2018, which has saved me hundreds of dollars, and I’ve dramatically cut down the amount of waste I produce from my menstrual cycle!” a user said.

8. Switching To Iced Tea

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“Drinking iced teas. I started with bagged raspberry hibiscus, which led to buying it in bulk from the farmer’s market. $9 for enough to last four months. I put a teaspoon in a carafe, filled it with water, and put it in the fridge overnight. The tea is delicious, incredibly healthy, and super cheap. That’s been the biggest surprise one.” said one.

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9. Making Homemade Vanilla Syrup

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“I started making vanilla syrup for my coffee because I couldn’t find it in stock at any local stores in 2020; I typically had been going through a $5 bottle every week.

It doesn’t seem like much, but pennies for sugar and cheap artificial vanilla compared to $260 a year is a change I’m glad I made.” shared one.

10. Cutting Cable

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“I cut the cable when I moved overseas – never missed it—barely watched any streaming outside of youtube. So when I came back, I just got internet only. I used to have some streaming channels, but I’ve cut almost all of those too… I find it’s not that I want to watch a show or movie that often; I just want background noise while I surf.” shared one.

Sometimes the most superficial and unexpected changes in our habits can lead to significant savings in our daily lives. What are some things you’ve started doing that have saved you money? Share your viewpoints with us!

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