The world is undergoing a transformation, and not always in a positive direction. Several factors, ranging from the proliferation of social media and misinformation to the diminishing empathy and erosion of trust, are subtly undermining the fabric of society.

A user asked, What is a danger to society that people think is the best thing in the world?

1. Apathy

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“Apathy. But I don’t plan on doing anything about it.”

“It’s more the portrayal. Look at action movie heroes, video game characters, etc. Most ‘cool’ guy characters are apathetic. Kids watch what’s ‘cool’ and try to replicate it. Strangely, the Stoicism ideology can be wrongly interpreted as being an apathetic mindset.”

2. Toxic Positivity

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“Toxic positivity, if we accept everything eventually (and we can see it happening now) it will come with extremely negative consequences.”
“This is the double edge to the culture of acceptance that has permeated the west for the last 15 odd years. When you accept everything, you reject nothing. That is not good.

There should be a balance of course. Unjustifiable hate is a bad thing, but justifiable prejudice is a good thing. Don’t hate someone bc of their skin color, gender, etc, hate them because they are lazy, or dishonest, or manipulative, etc. ”

“I believe the balance you are referring to is tolerance vs acceptance.”

3. Social Pressure

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“Social pressure is also a very important part of children’s social and emotional growth.”

“Too much pressure is no good, but not enough pressure is equally troublesome.”

4. Concept of Truth

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“The phrase “speak my truth.” Btch, not if it’s not the truth. Yeah, there are two sides to every story, but they inform what happened. You need accountability for your actions and what you say. And you can’t just lean on that phrase to promote or support your backward beliefs.”

“Seriously, just the concept of “my truth” as opposed to “the truth” is just infuriating to me. What’s true is true, regardless of our thoughts.”

5. Acceptance Culture

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“Acceptance culture. The idea is that I must accept someone’s toxic and harmful behaviors because “it’s my right to be who I want.” Yeah, no, not if who you are is a criminal or an alcoholic.”

6. Alcohol

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“Alcohol. It’s legal, normalized worldwide, and you’re considered some weirdo/uncool if you don’t drink it.”

7. Information Overload

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“the ease with which information is accessible via the internet. Misinformation and partial understanding have led to a lot of problems.”

8. Lack of Respect

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“For me and what I have seen is entitlement and disrespect towards others, or lack of actions have consequences.”

“If people respected others while driving, there would be less stress, road rage, and accidents. Most of these are caused by one person who is either late or feels entitled to drive recklessly. This results in disrespect for other people and their lives. This goes for online and realife that people can’t have civil arguments or disagreements on something without being emotional or yelling to change someone mind instead of seeing the others’ point of view and letting them decide.”

“If you look around, entitlement and disrespect towards others, or lack of actions have consequences, is the problem with most things.”

9. Entitlement or Selfishness

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“Entitlement/Selfishness. What we think and feel is right to us is much different than what is right. Many people think they’re right even when they’re in the wrong, but that doesn’t matter to them, and they feel the need to treat others badly, no matter the circumstances. I feel like in Western culture; narcissism has become the norm.”

10.  Going Green

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“Going green. I’m all for it, but most people don’t realize the waste cant be properly disposed of from those ev car batteries or solar panels any better than we can get rid of uranium from nuclear power plants. We’re going to trade red apples for green apples and still be plagued with irreversible problems.”

11. It Is What It Is Attitude

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“I’d like to add indifference to this Anybody who uses the phrase “it is what it is””

“When someone says “it is what it is..”, I like to continue with “….but not what it COULD be.”.

12. Keeping The Child Just Because You Have Conceived

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“Keeping the child just because it’s conceived.

I’m tired of the people who don’t work on themselves at all going and having kids only for their kids to be neglected and turn into bad monsters. It should be illegal to have a child until you are at least 25. If you can’t even take care of yourself yet, there isn’t a single reason for you to have a child. It’s just out of pure selfishness.”

13. Smartphones

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“Smartphones. Walking around a college campus, 70% of people are looking at one; it’s pretty depressing.”

14. Electric Vehicles


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“Electric vehicles!! Take a look at some of the lithium mines out there, not to mention all the vehicles that start fire and can’t be put out and have to be left to burn. They’re super dangerous(being a mechanic). I have witnessed these cars shut down while in motion, and if someone doesn’t know what to do, which would be most people who don’t know much about cars, the result of that could be fatal. Terrible thing to exist.”

15. Vaping

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“Luckily, not everyone thinks it’s the best thing in the world. But seeing first hand people freak out about not having their vape the same as they would freak out about their phone (this is probably the only addiction I have), is pretty worrying. (Vaping in the sense of, none recovering nicotine addicts)”

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