A user asked, what is something you no longer have patience for? Here are the top picks:

1. Family Drama

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“Yep…finally had it with being told to put up with toxic people because “they are your family!” The best thing I did for mental health was going “No Contact.”

“Learning to form boundaries between myself and certain other toxic relatives saved my mental health. Cutting them out was very tough as they were some of my closest family (mother & brother).

Still, they also used to abuse this fact to try and constantly involve me in their dramas and manipulate me because they knew I’d never cut them out (but jokes on them as eventually, I ended up doing just that!).”


2. Working Outside Of Work Hours

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“Working outside of work hours. I used to go above and beyond; now I only put in what is required. Life is too short to live only to work.”


3. Guessing What People Mean

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“Having to guess what people mean by something they said. I take everything people say at face value now and don’t replay conversations in my head to find out the real meaning anymore.

Be passive-aggressive if you want to but talk to me like an adult if you have a problem.”


4. Liars and Lying

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“The pathological ones are the worst. They don’t just lie; they cause huge damage. There was a guy at my gym who was a pathological liar. He didn’t do any damage because everyone knew he was a liar. Five minutes into a conversation, he’s saying something ridiculous like he has a diesel-powered hot tub at home, and it’s better than the one at the gym. People were still nice to him, though.”


5. People Who Text and Drive

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“People who text and drive. You’re driving a giant piece of metal propelled by explosive liquid. Pay attention. It’s terrifying when I ride the bus, and I can see down into everyone’s car, and at least 70% are looking at their phones while driving.”


6. Advertisements

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“Advertisement. Don’t know why I had to scroll down this far to find “advertisements.” I hate TV and internet ads. I actively avoid them and will not watch a video or read an article if it tries to force a ton of ads down my throat.”


7. People Invading Space

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“People invading my personal space. Omg yes. Especially in a work environment – DO NOT TOUCH ME. I hate when people clap on the shoulder or gently arm touch. We are not friends. We are coworkers. No touchy.”


8. People Who Litter

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“People who litter. Especially seeing trash on the ground two feet away from a trash can. People who bag their dog’s dump then leave the bag on the ground.”


9. Streamers

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“Streamers – Streamers are screaming, losing their mind, breaking things, and having tantrums. I used to think this was so funny now I can’t stand it; I can’t even watch a streamer if I notice they’re not using their normal talking voice.”


10. People Who Blame Others

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“People who constantly blame others for the situation they are in. It’s never their fault. Everyone else around them is the toxic one.”


11. Waiting For People

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“Waiting on people who are constantly late to plans. I will wait 15 minutes, then excuse myself. If you tell me before you’re late that you’re going to be late, I’ll stick around, but if you don’t tell me and leave me waiting, yea, you got 15 minutes, and then I’m out.”


12. Using a Phone While In A Conversation

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“People being on their phone while in a conversation with you. Seriously. Put your phone away! Bad manners, unkindness, and general rudeness. It costs nothing to be a nice person, and from someone who works in a customer-facing industry, attitudes, sadly, appear to be getting worse. It makes me cross.”


13. Friends Who Aren’t Friends

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“Friends” who aren’t friends.

I used to go out of my way to stay in contact with people. Try to grab a coffee with them or hang out. I’ve lowered my friend group to three people IRL. There are other folks who I used to consider to be friends, but I’m only going to ask someone so many times to hang out and be rejected before just letting that ship sail. We make time for what’s important to us. If someone doesn’t text, call, or make an effort, I consider them gone.”


14. Slow WiFi

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“WiFi. I no longer have patience for slow Wi-Fi. Life is too short to wait for a buffering video or a webpage that takes ages to load. I mean, come on, it’s 2023; I expect my internet to be faster than a sloth on Xanax. If my Wi-Fi doesn’t work together, I might have to resort to carrier pigeons for my internet needs.”


15. What Celebrities Are Doing

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“What celebrities are doing. While they’re rich and never have to worry about bills, I still work every day to get ahead. I don’t care what the Kardashians did yesterday or what Selena Gomez or Justin Bieber did. Leave me alone with that.”


16. Fandoms

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“Most fandoms. You can’t have a freaking opinion these days without people within fandom drawing swords on you.”


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