A user asked, Am I wrong for asking my wife to get rid of her cats?


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The Original Poster (OP) says, “My wife is a cat person; I’m a dog person. She has three cats, and I have a dog. I interact with her cats and think they’re pretty cool, whereas she genuinely doesn’t like my dog.

Though I’m willing to admit she has never asked me to re-home her outside of one occurrence a while ago (which was said out of frustration).”


What Is Currently Happening

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Now on to the issue.

OP’s wife is currently pregnant with their 4th (and last). She is a SAHM, homeschools our kids, grows their food, and generally keeps the house clean.

This isn’t due to OP asking or expecting it from her, but she generally enjoys it. She only became a stay-at-home mom when COVID hit; life has been fantastic. Less stress (she even says the same). But again, she’s currently pregnant.


What Did She Do?

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She can no longer clean the cat box. The kids (triplets) are too young to clean the cat box. It gets stinky quickly and gives her migraines.


What Does OP Think?

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OP says, “Because of my long hours and generally being completely exhausted when I get home, I usually forget to clean it myself. I know that’s a “me” problem, but given that it is a safety issue for my wife, I think rehoming them (at least until end of pregnancy) is the best option, so I suggested it to her.

She’s 20 weeks, so it wouldn’t be a god-awful time to re-home them before she got them back.”


How Did She React?

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She lost it, however. She told him he is selfish in expecting her to re-home her cats because OP “doesn’t want to pick up one chore around the house.”

OP says, “That truly isn’t the case though. I truly forget because of how exhausted I am when I get home. She then stated that it “would be a cold day in hell that she rehomes her cats when I get to keep a dog that no one wants but me.”


What Does OP Add?

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OP admits that the kids have zero interest in the dog. Like, none whatsoever. But they all love the cats, so maybe OP is wrong. However, OP was genuinely thinking of it from a safety aspect, and she seems to think OP is selfish. 

OP wants to know if he is a jerk.


You Are Wrong

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“You are wrong – She’s pregnant while caring for TRIPLETS. And you can’t remember to clean the cat box for the next 20 weeks?! Because YOU are too tired?! Wow. Maybe she needs to rehome you.”


You Can’t Take One Chore

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“You are a jerk – You want to rehome the cats because you cannot manage one chore? If your wife starts forgetting to let your dog out to pee while you’re at work, does she get to rehome the dog?”


Pathetic Behavior

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“You are a jerk. This is absolutely pathetic behavior to the extent I doubt the post can be real. Your wife is incredible; she does so much, and frankly, she should be expecting more from you regarding childcare and housework (and training your goddamn dog). But now that there’s ONE CHORE you need to do because she’s pregnant, you want her to get rid of her pets???

Fundamentally reorient your approach to your home life and marriage unless you’re excited about the prospect of a divorce. Jesus Christ, guy.”


Stop Being So Selfish

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“You are wrong. Do you want to burden some friend with three cats because you can’t get your life together enough for a two-minute-long chore? You want to take three family members that, by all accounts, everyone loves but you and kick them out of the house because you can’t remember a two-minute-long chore?

Your wife is pregnant, homeschooling triplets, and probably doing most all other chores in the house, including all of the care for YOUR dog, and you want to get rid of the cats because you can’t remember to do a two-minute long chore? Seriously dude? Get your life together. Protect your wife and your unborn child. Clean the goddamned cat box for five more months.”


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