A user asked, Am I wrong for not returning my friend’s wallet?


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The Original Poster (OP) hangs out with a friend who has almost the exact same wallet as he does. The size, color, stitching, just the texture of their wallets is slightly different.


What Happened Recently?

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They were hanging out with friends and decided to call it a night. While grabbing his stuff to leave, he accidentally grabbed his friend’s wallet.

OP says, “I’d already thrown my own wallet in my gym bag I kept with a change of clothes because I go over straight after work”.


What Happened On His Way Home?

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OP got all the way home without realizing it. He lives 20 minutes away, and it was raining at 11 o clock night. OP gets a phone call maybe 5 minutes after I get home. “Hey man, do you have my wallet?”

OP says, “I checked my pocket, and sure enough, it’s there. Tell him I’m sorry I have it.

OP’s friend says, “Well, I need you to drive it back to me.”


What Did OP Say?

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OP says his friend doesn’t know this, but he has to be at work at 8 in the morning and leave at 12 the following day, but he didn’t say this.

OP just asked him if he can bring it to him early tomorrow. OP also knows that he messed up.


What Did The Friend Say?

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His friend says, “No, bud, you messed up. I work early in the morning, and I want to go out so I need my wallet. You’ve gotta bring it to me. You messed up. You’ve gotta make it right.”


How Did The Rest of The Conversation Go?

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At this, OP replied, “Dude, it’s raining and late.”

Friens says, “I don’t care man. That’s my property.”

OP says, “Well, of course, but we’re friends, and you should be able to trust me.”

OP’s friend says, “That’s not the issue. That’s my property, and you can’t keep it. If you don’t bring me my wallet, you’re no longer allowed at my house.”

OP says, “Oh? Well, I guess I’m no longer allowed at your house, and you can come to get your wallet tonight if you want to go out so badly this late. Otherwise, you can wait til the morning before I go to work.”


What Happened Next?

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OP’s friend decided to come to get it. OP ended up giving him 20 bucks as well since he drove out. And guesses that they aren’t friends anymore.

He wants to know if he is a jerk. 


What Do Redditors Have To Say?

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“You are a jerk, it was your mistake because you took your friend’s wallet and didn’t make right by it. How hard is this?

Wouldn’t want to be “friends” with you either.

P.S. You even admit that you had already thrown your wallet in the bag. Were you too stoned to realize that when you took his?”


He Could Have Gotten Into Trouble

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“You’d be in trouble without your driver’s license if your work involves driving. Your credit cards are in your wallet. Your work ID might be in the wallet. Your spending cash is in your wallet. Your ATM is in your wallet.

OP took it and refused to return it ASAP because “it’s inconvenient” for him. And forced his “friend” to drive to him to get his property back. You are a jerk. A damned selfish one too.

Personally, I’d make sure everyone else in the friend’s group knew just how huge of a jerk you are. You know, in case you “take” their property too and then force them to go get it from you because it’s “inconvenient” for you to return it at the time.”


You Are Selfish

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“Definitely…. You are wrong. He’s selfish and thinks about how he feels now, even though he took the wallet. The friend needed it back. It sounds like this person has no regard for others and only cares about how he feels now.”


You Are A Jerk

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“I mean, if I’m planning on having a night drinking, then I’m planning on having my wallet on me to pay for a cab home. OP was not a jerk for accidentally taking it, but they were immediately you are a jerk when a friend said they needed the wallet that night, and OP didn’t think it was his responsibility to return it. YOU made a mistake, YOU take accountability for it, and YOU return it. It’s not that complicated.

It would’ve set him back maybe an hour, and if he needed the sleep THAT badly, he wouldn’t have been out in the first place….but even if he returned it losing one hour of sleep for the sake of setting right something you did, and to help your friend out is something 99% of people would do. Especially if that person truly was their friend.”


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