Weddings are special, but what will happen if a friend wears a wedding dress at a wedding? A Redditor took to the forum and asked, “Am I wrong for wearing a wedding dress at a wedding?”


A 20-year-old female friend of the Original Poster (OP) and OP, a 19-year-old male, have been friends for several years.

Recently, she got engaged and reached out to OP via direct message a week ago. She invited OP to a small costume party she was hosting to celebrate her engagement. When OP asked her if there was a specific theme for the party, she said there wasn’t one. As someone who enjoys cosplay, OP had plenty of options for his costume.

OP didn’t want to rock up in anime cosplay, so OP thought it would be funny to go to an engagement party as the Corpse Bride. OP went to her house, and everything seemed normal. A few people complimented OP’s costume, and OP was having a lot of fun.

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After ten minutes, OP’s friend’s fiancé walked out in a black tuxedo and announced that it was their wedding. OP’s friend saw a video of someone doing this and wanted to do the same.

As the ceremony began, the groom requested everyone gather in the backyard. OP approached him and inquired whether OP should quickly change his outfit before the ceremony commenced, assuring him that OP would return before it began. He reassured OP that it wasn’t necessary since OP was unaware that this was the wedding.

OP trusted his judgment and joined everyone outside. The wedding proceeded smoothly, and the reception was held in their home, where everyone resumed their celebrations. Despite attempting to converse and share in her joy, OP’s friend kept making excuses to avoid talking to him.

OP assumed that his friend was tired from her big day and needed time alone. Consequently, OP refrained from bothering her and let the party wind down naturally.

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What Happened Next?

Upon reaching home, OP’s phone began receiving notifications half an hour later. On checking, OP discovered that his friend had sent a series of angry texts accusing him of ruining her wedding and using offensive language. OP was taken aback and sought clarification regarding his alleged wrongdoing.

However, this only seemed to make OP’s friend even more furious. She reprimanded OP for wearing a wedding dress to her wedding, stating that it was basic knowledge not to do so. OP reminded her that OP had no prior knowledge that it was a wedding and that her husband had permitted him to wear the costume.

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Despite OP’s explanations, OP’s friend remained silent. Subsequently, OP received a text message from her husband, who questioned why OP had informed her that he had approved his outfit. When OP reiterated that he had permitted him, he blamed OP for the argument between him and his wife, insisting that OP should have changed his costume regardless.

Despite OP’s attempts to apologize and clarify the situation with his friend, she and her husband blocked him on all communication platforms, leaving him feeling guilty and unsure of where he stood.

Therefore, the question remains: was OP in the wrong for not changing out of his wedding dress once he realized that it was a wedding celebration, or was he right as he did not know that the event was a wedding?

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