Access to parking is crucial for many people to get to their desired destination, whether for work, leisure, or other activities. Additionally, having parking nearby can save time and effort, making it more convenient for individuals to reach their destination.

But what happens if someone steals the parking from you and does not even pay? What do you do?

Redditor shared one such story of stealing parking space and getting revenge for it. We want to know how you feel about it. 


The original Poster (OP) lives in Japan, where people ride bicycles often, and you can’t leave your bike anywhere. Otherwise, you will have to pay for parking, between 1 and 2 dollars per day.

There are a few accessible parking areas for bicycles. Most people leave their bikes at the same place, paying monthly because it’s cheaper and they have their own space.

This started a couple of weeks ago. Someone in OP’s building started having a guest who decided to steal OP’s bicycle parking space whenever they visited.

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Sometimes they stayed the whole night, so OP had to go to the station, pay one dollar, and come all the way home walking, which meant OP would need to walk to the station the next day, getting up earlier, walking like 20 minutes to the station while carrying his heavy bag.

All the bicycle spaces had a number, which means they were reserved for someone. OP’s was 105, but that guest decided to take OP’s whenever they visited. 

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What Did OP Do?

The second time that happened, OP told the building manager, but they didn’t do anything. The third time OP saw the bicycle there, it was the same expensive red bicycle. OP left a note in Japanese saying, “please don’t leave your bicycle here, this is my space, and I am using it every day.” 

OP found the note taped with the tape OP used on their bike, and it had a couple of bad words in Japanese at the end. He was stealing OP’s space and making fun of him by insulting him. 

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What Triggered OP?

OP probably wouldn’t have done anything about it if he hadn’t written those words that triggered OP and got the worst in him. 

That person repeated parking several times, so OP knew that would continue. OP was considering buying another bicycle; a better, more expensive one OP could use to go on cycling trips, so a good lock was needed anyway. 

OP bought one of the thickest locks at the store and decided to try its efficiency. OP locked his bicycle. The next time OP saw it there, it had stayed the same for seven days. 

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There were two notes; the first one was a very aggressive one, with bad words and threats about going to the police, which OP didn’t care about; the second note days later was an apology, and they begged OP to unlock the bike because they tried to brake it but they couldn’t.

He had learned his lesson. 

OP was sure he wouldn’t do it again, but he just wanted to enjoy that feeling of victory for a couple more days. OP would free it in 2-3 days.

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What Did Redditors Suggest?

Many sided with the OP and asked him to charge for the parking space. They also suggest he change the parking space because the other guy could be waiting for revenge. 

Finally, OP edited the post to include what he did next. 

  • First, he changed parking lots to keep him out of any legal issues. 
  • Second, he left a short note saying he would free the bicycle in exchange for $100. OP has decided to wait a couple of weeks, and if he doesn’t pay up, he will take out the lock at night, steal the seat, cut the brakes and tires, and all other small pieces. 

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A Redditor said, “I would not destroy his property. Paying for the spot should suffice.” Another user said, “I would not have left the note asking for the money. That could be grounds for the police to get involved. Sounds like extortion to me.”2


What do you think? Was OP right in locking his bike? Was it inappropriate for OP to ask for money and agree to damage his bike if he doesn’t pay up? How would you react to this situation?`

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