Vacations with family are typically a time for togetherness and shared experiences. But what if family members are divided to the point of considering leaving the vacation altogether?

A user asked the forum, “Am I a jerk for excluding my stepkids from a waterpark?”. Read the entire story to know more.


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The original poster ( OP ) (38f) and her husband, Joe planned a vacation. They have a 1-year-old boy together, Nick, and she has a 9yo, Mark, from a previous relationship.

Her husband Joe has Sara (19f) and Lucy (16f) from a previous relationship.

They planned a week-long vacation; Sara and Lucy were invited but originally declined.


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They decided at the last minute to go, so they had to rearrange accommodations for them, which is fine. The girl and her husband shared a suite, while she and the boys shared a queen bed in a regular room.


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During the trip, every day, her husband took the girls out to eat every meal but did not invite her and the boys to join them.

OP would ask where they were, and it was always at some restaurant, theme park, movie, arcade, bowling, or something.


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She was feeling left out and stranded at the hotel.

The next to last day, she found a water park within walking distance from the hotel, so she took the boys for the day and got them treats and souvenirs.


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Joe called while they were there and asked what she was doing and if the boys were enjoying the hotel, and she told him they were at the waterpark and going to see a movie afterward.


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OP says that set him off, and he started yelling at her for not inviting him and the girls.

He said that Sara and Lucy love waterparks and going to the movies, and she knows this, so she should have made sure to include them.

Joe then told her she was a heartless woman for excluding them, and he’ll make sure to treat Mark the same way from now on.


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She tried pointing out that she had been left at the hotel with no car and not invited to anything this whole trip.


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Joe said that’s different because he only sees Lucy a few times a month and Sara once a month if that’s because she’s in college, 2 hours away from home.


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OP says that Joe ended up extending his and the girl’s time by two days so they could get two days at the waterpark to make things fair.


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They are all back home now, and he’s giving Mark the silent treatment, calling her cruel and a jerk and barely doing anything with Nick.

OP says that they split the cost of the trip 50/50. If that matters, everything came out of their joint account.

Now OP wants to know if this is wrong.


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“Why are you with this man? He stranded you at a hotel without any communication, red flag 1.

When he called, he seemed to be mocking and rubbing in that you were stranded with nothing to do at a hotel, which was red flag 2.

When you did find something to do that was beyond his control, he freaked out, red flag 3.

He called you names and threatened retaliatory actions to a child, red flag 4!!!

Girl, what are you doing here???”


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“Not a jerk. Get your finances in order. Grab your kids and run. Never stay married to someone who excludes you, punishes you for doing something for yourself, and calls you a jerk.”


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“Wow, your husband is a jerk. He clearly could care less about you or his stepchild. Your role was to mind the 1-year-old and stay in your place.

I would be glad he isn’t speaking to you. It should give you plenty of time to put a plan in place to leave.”


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“Not a jerk. But your husband is a massive jerk. Why on earth would he expect you and the boys to just stay at the hotel while he and the girls got to go out and have fun?

His behavior is disgusting. You all are supposed to be a family; why wouldn’t he include everyone at the restaurants, movies, etc? You all need to have a serious talk about this.”

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