She Called Her Friend’s Degree “Useless” and things went down from there.  

A Redditor took to the forum and asked, “Am I wrong for telling my friend that her degree is useless if she has to leave the country to find work?”


The Original Poster (OP) had a high school friend, Diana, who recently got her Masters’s degree. She lived in another city. OP and Diana barely ever saw each other. Diana was always “too busy” for long phone calls, so they only talked briefly. 

During the time she spent on her degrees, OP managed to get married and start her own family. Once, Diana was visiting her family and decided to meet OP. OP asked her about her degree, work prospects, etc. 

She did her master’s and shared that she got a job related to the EU parliament but will have to move to Brussels. 

OP told her that she was crazy. OP further said that If she couldn’t find a job locally, her degree would be a waste of time as she would have to move to another country.


How Did Diana Respond?

Diana said it was a fantastic job opportunity that she couldn’t get anywhere nearby. Diana seemed excited about her job. OP asked her about the pay, and Daina gave OP a brief on that.

OP said that her husband earns that without a degree. Diana said that it was her starting salary and it’ll grow eventually.

OP again said she could’ve gotten a similar job somewhere nearby and wouldn’t have wasted six years. Instead she could’ve already worked and started a family. Diana became rude and said she wouldn’t want a family if she were as unhappy as OP.  

According to OP, Diana brought up OP’s complaints about her husband. Diana accused OP of being hypocritical for criticizing her job opportunity. OP told her she was ridiculous and mean, and she called OP a..hole. Diana paid and left the restaurant.

Was OP correct to that her degree was useless if she had to move countries to find a job? Was it inappropriate for OP’s friend to bring up her complaints and tag her marriage as unhappy? How would you have reacted in this situation?

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