Cosplay is a beloved hobby for many people, but it can also be a source of embarrassment for some. A user asked, Am I wrong for being embarrassed by my girlfriend’s cosplay?


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The Original Poster (OP) (25M) GF (24) had a double mastectomy five years ago; she had breast cancer and thankfully made a full recovery.

Unlike a lot of women, she didn’t have any reconstructive surgery. This was before OP met her.

What Happened Next

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OP says, “I’m a big anime nerd, and last weekend I invited her to a small anime con with me. She’s seen a few episodes of my favorite shows, but she’s not into anime; she likes cosplay, though, and she works seasonally as an SFX artist at a haunted house near us.

So when I asked her to go to the con with me, she asked if she could cosplay, and I said sure. She got very excited and said I was going to love her costume, so I’ll admit I thought she was going to do something raunchy for me.”

What Happens On the Day of the Convention

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Well, not exactly. The day of the convention comes, and she shows up at OP’s house cosplaying Dabi from MHA- specifically, a look he has later in the manga.

It’s a long white coat over white pants, no shirt. Her entire chest was exposed, and she’d obviously spent hours applying burn makeup; she has short hair that she dyes constantly; this time she bleached it white and dyed a few red streaks.

What Did OP Expect

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OP says, ‘I wasn’t expecting her to show up without a shirt. Her burn scar makeup only covered half her chest, so you could clearly see her mastectomy scar. It wasn’t a very attractive costume, especially since she’d gone all out with the scars and made them look raised and kind of realistic.’

What Happened To Next

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They went to the con, and while many people came up to take photos with her, OP noticed several others looking at her chest.

OP says, “That evening, she said I’d been quiet all day, and I honestly told her I was a little embarrassed that she was flaunting her mastectomy scar like that.

She got mad and said she was making the best of her situation and said I was being insensitive, and she’s been distant ever since. I’m starting to feel guilty. Am I wrong?”

You’re A Jerk

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‘Oh, how dare your GF not have a pretty little cosplay outfit. Obviously, she has not gotten the message that her only worth is if she caters to the male gaze. (s) Yeaaa. You are a jerk.’

Are You Kidding Me

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“Jesus, she went through cancer and a double mastectomy and you’re crying about being embarrassed??? Please break up with her so she can find someone that’s not a jerk.”

You’re Heartless

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“I’m not joking when I say this, but I think the most people posting here need to go to therapy. How do you lack that much empathy, and social awareness even to ask this question to see if you’re in the wrong.

You are a jerk OP, please leave this girl, she deserves someone better and you need to work on yourself. You’re heartless.”

You Are Unbelievable

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“This is why women have such a hard time being cosplayers – guys are always assuming they’re doing it to be raunchy for them. Your girlfriend did something scary and brave for herself. Your reaction is disgusting. You are a jerk”

She Had Cancer

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“I honestly like my scars. I like showing them off because it shows I overcame a health problem.

Scars are nothing to be ashamed of. Mine was something minor but nowhere as deadly as cancer. OP you are a jerk and are prepared for being single quickly. I hope you take your inevitable break up as a learning moment and grow from to”

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