Our jobs and industries are often shaped by human negligence, ignorance, and lack of responsibility. Have you ever looked at something and asked yourself, “What’s the point?”

A user asked, What job exists because we are stupid as human beings? And this is what came up:

1. Bouncer

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Bouncer’s job exists because of our love for aggression and poor decision-making when under the influence of drugs or alcohol.

“Bouncer here can confirm people are stupid, and I’m paid because of it.” said one.

“Think about it. Their job is to be as intimidating as possible, so you don’t do something dumb. And when you do something dumb, they are to make you regret your stupidity.” said another.

2. Pyramid schemes

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“We all love to speak bad about them, but the truth is they wouldn’t exist if they weren’t profitable to some degree for the people on/near the top.” said one.

“They’re very profitable to the people on the top. I have a great aunt who was on the top level of one in the 80s-90s and has made a killing off it. She recently moved into a house for 800k USD in the DFW area because she wanted to downsize from her old one.” said another.

3. Emergency Medical Services

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You would be surprised to find it here, or may be even offended. But, the thing is, a lot of EMS is because people are stupid.

“I work EMS, although much of it is about the truly sick or injured…Most of my job consists of dealing with the stupid.” said one.

“I dated this guy who was an EMT and asked him about all the exciting calls he probably gets, and he told me that they are usually pretty dumb. I didn’t believe him, so I asked for an example. He told me about a lady who called 911 because her husband couldn’t poop for three days, so they took the ambulance to the house and said they were there to pick him up. She was like No, I can take him. I’m going to drive him. I just wanted to call and let you guys know we were on the way.” another shared.

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4. Gas Station Attendants

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“It’s interesting to think about how state regulations can sometimes create jobs that seem unnecessary or overly specialized, like gas station attendants.” said one.

“As someone who has never lived in a state where gas station attendants are required, I find the idea of not being allowed to pump my gas frustrating. I wonder what the rationale behind this regulation is.” another said.

5. Movie Theater Cleaners

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“I used to work in a movie theater, and I was always very angry when I saw how much trash people left in the theaters. Someone has to pick all of it up, and it’s common courtesy just to pick up your popcorn bucket and pop and throw them in the trash.

Just because you’re inside and paid ten dollars to see a movie doesn’t mean you can just leave everything there for someone who gets paid minimum wage to pick up. Made it almost impossible to clean theaters on time, especially when we needed more people.” said one.

6. Social Workers

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“Sounds like a heartbreaking job that can have unbearable stretches because some people are too stupid or irresponsible to care for their children properly.” said one.

“My mom is a social worker, and she is stressed 100% of the time. You wouldn’t believe the stories she’s told me. And most of the time, the parents are worse than the kids.” another said.

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7. Tech Support

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IT support staff are tasked with addressing computer-related issues and resolving technical problems for others. Their job is often complicated by user error, lack of technological know-how, and failure to follow instructions. 

The error messages tell you what is wrong. If you are unclear, copy-paste that into google, and you get an easy-ish-to-understand answer 80% of the time. This isn’t even counting the 50% of problems solved by turning it off and on again.

8. Farm Machinery Observers

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Farm machinery observers are employed by manufacturing companies to monitor how farmers use their equipment and identify potential hazards caused by human error or negligence. 

“I met this girl at a bar whose job was to go out and watch people who had bought farm machinery from the manufacturing company she worked for. She went out to watch how people used them and would write warning labels for things the company could be sued for based on the stupid things people did with the machinery. Don’t stick your hand in here, don’t get out of the machinery while it is in motion, mess like that.” said one.

9. Cops

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“Police officers just teach other people how to act like adults and sometimes have to put them in time out.” a user said.

“I’m a cop. Most of my crimes, 90 percent easily, are because people made stupid life choices. In a gang or does hard drugs. Some are smashing/procreating/marrying someone who is bat insane Or doesn’t understand how stop signs/red lights work.” another said.

10. Environmental Conservationists

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Environmental conservationists are responsible for preserving the natural world and mitigating the destructive impact of human activities on the environment.

“Any job regarding the conservation of the environment, because what species would pollute its world so badly to the point it will almost become inhospitable.” a user said.

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