We expect support from our partners, and it does not ever sit well when they try to be “smart” with what we do or make fun of it.  A Redditor approached the forum and asked“Am I wrong for asking my husband to use my correct job title?”


The Original Poster (OP), a 36-year-old woman, has been married to her husband, a 38-year-old man, for a decade. 

Recently, she made a significant career change after struggling for several years. Her first degree was in nursing, but she struggled with everything that had happened. As a result, she decided to go back to school and pursue a degree in marine biology.

OP has always been fascinated by marine biology and was delighted she enjoyed her new career path. 

She then started working at a turtle rehabilitation center and found the work incredibly fulfilling.

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What Happened Next?

Despite OP’s hard work to pursue her dream career in marine biology, her husband continuously introduced her as a tour guide in an aquarium, which she found frustrating. He found that amusing and claimed that it was easier to explain to others. 

While OP appreciated the work aquarium tour guides do, she felt that her husband’s introduction needed to accurately reflect her job or the effort she put into achieving that. 

Her husband was aware of the difficulties she faced while pursuing her degree part-time while working as a nurse.

Before OP changed her career to marine biology, her husband introduced her as a nurse, accurately reflecting her job. However, since OP started working in a turtle rehabilitation center, her husband has continuously introduced her as a tour guide at the local aquarium.

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What Happened Next?

People felt sorry for her when they heard her husband’s inaccurate introduction. OP found that frustrating, and her husband seemed unwilling to change how he introduced her to others.

OP had taken to correct her husband when he introduced her to new people, informing them of her job title as a marine biologist. However, her husband felt undermined and embarrassed by that, as he believed it made him look foolish in front of others. 

Despite OP’s insistence that he simply tell people what she does, her husband insisted that the fake job title he used was more amusing and claimed that he could not remember all the details. That disagreement caused tension between them, with OP feeling frustrated that her husband cannot accurately represent her career to others.

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What Did OP Do?

Recently, OP refused to attend an event with her husband unless he promised to introduce her correctly to others. Her husband dismissed her concerns and claimed that she was overreacting. 

As a result, OP chose not to attend the event, which frustrated her husband. At the event, people who knew OP asked her husband why she hadn’t come, which may have caused him further discomfort.

OP and her husband need help with her job title introduction. OP insists on using her actual job title, but her husband sees it as a joke and believes she is overreacting.

What is your viewpoint on the situation? Should OP accept her husband’s joke or demand that he uses her correct job title?

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