If someone is sensitive, even your simple comments can really be hurtful for them. It’s always best to be careful before speaking.

An internet user asked, “Am I a jerk for ‘bullying’ and ‘fat shaming’ someone into becoming ‘anorexic’?”. We need you to check out his audacity!


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The Original Poster (OP) (14M) is being accused of bullying his classmate (14F) into getting an eating disorder.

For some background info, OP doesn’t want to say the girl’s name so let’s call her Kate. She confessed to OP a few months ago at one of his baseball games, but he didn’t feel the same way – in fact, he felt the complete opposite.

OP’s Ridiculous Comments About Kate

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OP says, “Her size was a HUGE turnoff for me. When she told me, she gave me flowers but I laughed at her and my friends did too, we weren’t really laughing at her but we were laughing because it was awkward.

Kate was built like an apple, and had a massive double chin and ‘thunder thighs’. She ate a lot, too much and doesn’t exercise that much. She’s in my PE class and she always walks her laps and never tries, I’m pretty confident she’s failing.

Basically, she’s a total loser. I know it sounds bad but I don’t know what else to say, so obviously I said no, she’s not hot or anything like that that could make me like her.”

OP Had His Eyes On Someone Else

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OP says, “Besides, I already had my eyes on another girl who was everything she wasn’t. She did sports, but wasn’t like a weird tomboy, and she wasn’t “plump” like Kate.

She had the perfect hourglass figure and was barely even 100 pounds. She has bright ocean blue eyes and shiny blonde hair, rather than Kate’s brown eyes, and basic brown hair, and Kate was 130 pounds at the height of 5 ‘1.”

Principal’s Summon

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Apparently, Kate took this as ridicule because she was “publically humiliated”.

OP Was Called Into Principal’s Office

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OP was called into the principal’s office because her friends said that he was cruel to her for no reason, but OP thinks any normal person who has a two-ton tilly trying to date them would do the same thing as him. OP didn’t say that to the principal, so he simply said that was a lie.

“Unfortunately, I was suspended for a week, which is totally unfair”, says OP.

The Snapchat Reference

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OP never really said anything to her but after she asked him out he got a question on his Snapchat Ask Me Anything that said (OP’s initials) x Kate’s initials and he obviously said “No she’s not my type”.

Somebody asked OP after that the same day if it was because she was “fat” and “ugly” and he said “kinda yeah” but he didn’t say yes, because he thinks it wasn’t just because she wasn’t skinny, and there were other factors as well.

The Bullying Began

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This interaction began to spread around the school, and OP and his friends thought it was funny at first, but slowly it escalated to her being pointed at in the hallways and “memes” of her being spread online.

OP Reposted Some Memes

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OP reposted some of those memes because he thought they weren’t that harmful, It was just saying she was kind of chubby and ugly, but it wasn’t really saying she was fat, it was all a joke.

But according to OP’s friends, she took this to heart. OP doesn’t get it though. He thinks, “She should just not take it personally and grow up.”

Here’s Where OP Thinks He Might’ve Screwed Up

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OP says, “A few months ago, apparently she developed an eating disorder or something which makes her starve herself. She developed something called anorexia and couldn’t show up to school because of how bad her state was.

She had lost a significant amount of weight in just a matter of months, to the point where she was anaemic and had other complications.

I really don’t think it’s that big of a deal though, it would be doing that pig a favor. Being that overweight was probably not healthy, I couldn’t imagine being that obese. It was like something you would see in a movie, not to be rude.”

More Bullying

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OP doesn’t know if that was really a good idea but he thinks maybe it’s more healthy because she looked like she downed a whole Mcdonalds per day, and burned no calories to correct the problem.

“I have to say she does look better now, so I feel like I kind of did her a favor but my friends said I took it too far which I don’t really understand because they made fun of her too.”, says OP.

They all made a TikTok mimicking her pretending to eat McDonald’ and wearing layers upon layers of clothes just to be comparable to her size. They were all OP’s idea but he participated so he’s not sure if it’s his fault.

OP says, “I think she should’ve taken it up, it’s not really a big deal, it is just a joke.”

The Girl OP Liked

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Back to the girl OP likes, the hot one- who’s not like Kate at all. She’s a seventh grader, which OP knows might sound weird because he’s an eighth grader but the grades touch so he thinks it doesn’t really matter.

The boys said OP should ask her out because they have a school dance coming up, so he mustered up the courage to tell her, but when he asked, she said “Wait you’re the one who bullied Kate, right?” OP, of course, didn’t say yes, because he thinks he didn’t really bully her, it was just a bit of fun.

The Climax

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OP explained what had really happened and her face started to turn red and she slapped him. “Kate is my sister!” she shouted.

OP Was Shocked

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OP was shocked. He didn’t expect that at all. Kate did not have a pretty face, but this girl did. She was beyond gorgeous and maybe she was just playing hard to get.

OP’s friends laughed at his attempt and told him that he screwed up and he was such a jerk for doing what he did. OP is also on the baseball team and once this came out they kicked him off the team, and his parents grounded him and said he couldn’t use his phone for two months. So no Snapchat, no TikTok and no Instagram.

“I’m writing this on my school’s laptop in the media center because I just have to know, so, am I a jerk?”. Asks OP.

You Are Cruel!

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“Dude you are such a jerk. This is the epitome of “sorry not sorry”. I get that you are 14 and you are grossed out that someone who you don’t feel worthy likes you.

You chose to make her the but of many jokes and you are now feigning ignorance. This does not make you cool, it makes you cruel.

Please grow up, while her actions are hers you need to own that you contributed to her feelings of self-worthiness and that you got a bunch of people to make fun of her by continuing to share and add to the conversation.”

You Are A Disgrace

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“If this is for real, you are a horrible little idiot. I hope you are rejected by all your friends and never get close to a girl until you grow up, feel remorse and take responsibility for ruining someone’s life.

The punishment imposed by your parents is far less than what I would have done to you. All in all, you are a disgrace.”

You Are Too Young To Argue Like That

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“This is so hilarious. You are way too young to even begin to argue that you’re not the jerk in anything. You have a lot to learn.

If your words hurt someone, it is beyond likely that you do not have the knowledge, education, and/or experience to understand why. You have to be willing at this age to learn and gather why people might be upset at things like this. Their experiences are foreign to you now but they don’t have to be.

You claim you’re smart because you have great grades in middle school, but you have a LOT to learn about people, especially about people with significantly different backgrounds.

You should decide soon whether you’re going to be open to learning more about people by hearing them out, or be ignorant and become an irritating idiot for the rest of your life.

For the moment, you’re young and it’s hard to blame you, but this excuse won’t last long and soon you’ll have way more consequences to these kinds of actions. I sincerely hope you laugh at your post 5 years from now. Good luck kid.”

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